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Download Your Eos GNSS Coloring Book: GNSS for kids during COVID-19

Teach your kids about GPS through creativity with the Eos GNSS coloring book!

Staying at home due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19? Trying to entertain your kids between working from home and online-schooling? We get it. A lot of the Eos team is in the same boat! That’s why we’ve created a free, downloadable Eos GNSS coloring book to help entertain your kids at home! This coloring book, “What is GNSS? Satellites that tell us where we are,” lets your kids explore GPS satellites from the comfort of their homes. So print out some pages and get out your crayons — it’s time to learn about GNSS!

This coloring book teaches kids about the general concept of GNSS. In it, we show them every kind of satellite group that exists and where they come from! The book finally comes back down to earth, letting them color in a field worker in action! It even gets them involved by seeing how Arrow GNSS can help them locate where things are. 

With it, you can share your industry with them as you work from home.

Coloring Book_Updated cover

Submit your kids work to be featured on Eos social media!

Young person learning about GNSS during COVID-19
Creativity is perfect in its imperfections! Check out Leo interpreting the color of this neighborhood's field worker!

Don’t forget to submit a photo of your kids with their coloring pages to our social media on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram! We will be featuring our favorite pictures over the coming months. 

Feel free to encourage your kids to color outside the lines — maybe a starry space background behind the GPS satellite, or an alien spaceship flying near a satellite constellation! We love to see imagination.

Our first submission, pictured here, comes from one of our very own team members! What do you think — do we have a GNSS expert on our hands?

We can’t wait to see the latest creations! The entire Eos staff extends well-wishes for a safe and healthy time at home with your families.

Browse inside the updated Eos GNSS coloring book!

Eos GNSS coloring book with GNSS positioning satellite from US GPS constellation
Eos GNSS coloring book with GNSS positioning satellite from QZSS constellation
Eos GNSS coloring book for COVID-19

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