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About Futura Systems

Futura Systems provides enterprise GIS solutions to hundreds of distribution utilities across the United States. Through their utility-centric approach, Futura provides real-time integration with all major utility CIS and Accounting software providers. As an Esri Gold Business Partner, Futura excels at employing the ArcGIS foundation to develop mapping, field inspection, staking and outage management tools that deliver powerful, user-friendly functionality. Their suite of applications seamlessly extends the level of collaboration between GIS and CIS through Catalyst, an operations and management analytics tool that provides intuitive, single-screen access to critical operational intelligence, empowering them to make informed decisions that improves their overall service to their consumers. Learn more about Futura here.


About the App: FieldPro Stake

FieldPro Stake is Futura’s iOS mobile app for designing projects easily in the field. The app transforms any iPad into a powerful staking device. This lets field crews simply and easily design in the field — with all the details they need at their fingertips. So all their collection can be done directly in the field. When combined with Arrow Series receivers, FieldPro Stake creates an affordable and easy-to-use staking solution — so organizations no longer have to chose between affordability and accuracy.



Partner Spotlight:

Doug Malinowski, CIO

“FieldPro Stake on iPad provides designer engineers with the tools they need to draw up a job in the field. And when combined with Eos Arrow Series™, they can easily do it with high spatial accuracy.”
— Doug Malinowski, CIO, Futura

Futura and Eos


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