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About GI Geoinformatik GmbH

The GI Geoinformatik GmbH offers the entire range of services related to spatial data processing from a single source. Today, they build on almost 25 years of project experience. The company support its clients in the conceptual design, the data acquisition and proces­sing of existing data and maps for inte­gration into GIS projects and the develop­ment of spatial information systems. Their technologies guarantee their customers flexibility and investment security. Through their close cooperation with the leading providers of robust hardware and GNSS systems, GI Geoinformatik can offer end-to-end specialist appli­cations from a single source and scale them for you. Their GI Mobile RT software meet all the requirements for high-quality data acquisition.

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About the App: GI Mobil RT

GI Mobil RT is a cross-industry solution for GNSS-based data collection and servicing control of objects of all kinds, simple and effective.

The product was newly developed in 2016 and is based on Esri‘s latest software tech­nology. Based on the development environment ArcGIS Runtime from Esri, high performance and seamless integration into the Esri platform is guaranteed. With the modular software structure, project-specific software adaptations can be implemented flexibly. GI Mobil RT can also be used perfectly for special fields of application such as municipal specialist tasks and conveyor area controls (e.g. EU-CAP).

With GI Mobil RT, as an “extended arm” of the geographic information systems in the office, field staff can collect, update, analyze and visualize information on site and use all possibilities of GNSS-based data acquisition.


  • postition100 technology & quality-assured GNSS collection
  • info-Center with error report
  • integration of complex data structures
  • high performance (with ArcGIS Runtime technology
  • cross-layer validation (attributive and topological)
  • photo documentation inkl. postition100 technology
  • attribute table and search
  • steakout tool (point, line, area)


Windows Compatibility




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For technical support, questions about how this app works with GNSS receivers, configuration, feedback, or more, please contact Eos support. Someone will respond to you within 24 hours during normal business days.