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SST Software (SST) provides all the pieces necessary for a successful precision agricultural program. With a desktop geographical information system (GIS), in-field mobility, automated task processing, grower communication tools and seamless third-party integration, SST provides a robust ecosystem that supports the economic needs to achieve long-term success. The SST app for Eos is Sirrus.

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About the App: Sirrus

Farming occurs in the field, not in the office. Sirrus, made by SST, is a cloud-based iPad app for agriculture professionals. Sirrus helps with field-boundary mapping, data collection, recommendation editing, and reporting. With thousands of users worldwide, Sirrus helps organizations take their precision agricultural endeavors to the next level. Learn more about Sirrus here.


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For technical support, questions about how this app works with GNSS receivers, configuration, feedback, or more, please contact Eos support. Someone will respond to you within 24 hours during normal business days.

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