About Android Devices for Arrow

The Eos Arrow Series is compatible with a large variety of Android smartphone and tablets. Browse our partner providers below to find the Android devices for Arrow we recommend. The Eos Tools Pro GNSS location monitoring app is also available for free in the Google Play store.

Ecom Instruments for Arrow

Ecom Instruments is an innovative company, characterized by its integrity, professionalism, and high levels of expertise. Ecom provides devices that ensure reliability in realizing demanding projects in the field of explosion-shielded products. Ecom ensures support through its our employees around the world. A partner to customers from the most diverse sectors, Ecom customers include professionals in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mining industries.

Panasonic ToughBooks for Arrow

Panasonic ToughBooks are made by Panasonic, one of the largest product manufacturers in the world. Panasonic, which also owns one of the world’s largest patent portfolios for its technology, is more than just a consumer electronics company. In fact, they are a global provider of comprehensive solutions for businesses as well as consumers, including the Panasonic ToughBooks for field data collection.

Galaxy Tab Active2 for Arrow

The Galaxy Tab Active2 is a brand new release from Samsung. It offers an 8-inch screen, 16GB, and Wi-Fi support at an extremely affordable price. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, it was created with the asset-management, transportation, public-safety, and other field worker in mind. It is an ideal, quality, and rugged Android device.

Eos Partners with Apps for Data Collection on Android

amigocloud, AmigoCloud app for Eos

“The cost reductions and efficiency improvements are a game-changer for us. As our industry continues to look for innovation from its service providers, TerraGo Edge enables us to deliver more efficiently. We can pass these savings directly to our customers with each and every future project.”
— Lance Fugate, Program Manager, Enmapp


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