About Apple Devices for iOS GNSS Recievers

The Eos Arrow Series provided the world’s first iOS GNSS receivers to support submeter, centimeter, and RTK data collection on iPhones and iPads. A number of manufacturers provide ruggedized cases to keep your iPhones and iPads safe under any conditions, making them as rugged as traditional handhelds but with a lower cost point and the ease of use of consumer-grade mobile devices. Arrow users can access the Eos Tools Pro app for iOS to monitor location data and metadata during field work. In addition, Eos partners with a number of leading app providers to enable iOS data collection. And with more than 235,000 additional business apps available on iTunes, iOS devices have become one of the leading choices for fieldwork. iPhones and iPads can also be centrally configured, customized, and managed, creating an efficient option for IT departments. Arrow users can move interchangeably between iPhones and iPads.


iPhone for Arrow

iPhones offer the lightest weight option on the iOS platform. With a pocket-sized smartphone, crews take high-accuracy collection devices anywhere, all day long. Eos Tools Pro supports location monitoring on iPhone.

iPad for Arrow

Arrow users commonly deploy iPads to the field for the best combination of screen size, affordability, and ease of use. Eos Tools Pro supports location monitoring on iPad.

Eos Partners with Apps for Data Collection on iOS

LOGO - Esri
LOGO - Amigocloud
LOGO - CartoPac - Horizontal - HI RES
LOGO - SST Software

“It was remarkable. Truly remarkable. It’s almost self-configuring. We played around and had some fun, and at most it was a couple hours to feel that the technology works so well. It cut our spin-up time dramatically.”

— Kurt Towler, GIS Supervisor, SSVEC


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Students from Dalhousie University used the Arrow 100 for urban forestry. In just one weekend, students mapped over 2,000 trees on personal mobile devices.

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