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Equip your field crews for success. Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc. (Eos) designs accessories to make crews successful in the field. Precision antennas ensure crews access the highest accuracy location. Mounting equipment secures Arrow Series™ receivers and antennas to range poles and every mobile device. Extra battery and power supplies are available, lasting from nine to 16 hours in the field. And lightweight wearables (e.g., vests, belt pouches, hats) ensure field crews have hands-free access to perform data collection and other workflow tasks.


Eos offers precision antennas and survey-grade antennas. Each antenna receives signals from the four global GNSS constellations. An Eos antenna and related equipment, such as cables and antenna plate, are included with each purchase of an Arrow Series™ receiver. Replacements are available by contacting us.

Mounting Equipment

Eos mounting equipment includes rangepoles and brackets designed to keep your receiver secured. Browse a selection of mounting equipment for even the toughest environments.

Field Gear

Eos field gear makes it easy to carry your technology across terrain. Browse rugged field cases and wearables, including belt pouches, hats, vests, and more.

Power Supply Kit

Eos technology is designed to last all day in the field, from about nine to 16 hours. A full power supply kit is included with each Eos purchase. However, you may wish to purchase extra or replacement power supply kits.

Have a Question or Ready to Buy?

For questions about an Arrow receiver, for technical support, or for general inquiries, please contact Eos online or by calling +1 (450) 824-3325 (CAN). Please note that Canada call rates may apply.

Someone from our team will respond to you within 24 hours on normal business days. Eos business days are generally Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST.

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