Key Features



Key Features

High Accuracy GNSS Receivers for Every Mobile Device

  • The world’s first RTK & AtlasTM receivers for iPhone/iPad
  • Real-time positioning for efficient workflow
  • Multi-frequency, multi-constellation
  • Bluetooth connectivity for maximum flexibility
  • Compatible with your mobile devices
  • Atlas worldwide compatibility
  • Rugged, waterproof, and reliable

Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) have become the preferred method to obtain reliable coverage for GPS real-time corrections. Our Arrow Series GNSS receivers are SBAS, RTK, and Atlas compatible and specifically designed to provide the highest level of performance in the GIS/Mapping industry, at a breakthrough price point.

The Arrow SeriesTM targets the discerning GIS, environmental, agricultural, utilities, surveying, industrial, and government customer interested in high-accuracy GNSS applications. With the recent addition of our Eos GNSS Tools application (iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Mobile) and universal BluetoothTM compatibility, the Arrow Series offers easy connectivity, flexibility, accuracy, and high-value in one small, inexpensive package.

The Arrow Advantage

Why Arrow? The Arrow Series provides all you need for uninterrupted, all-day DGPS operation. How? By utilizing SBAS fully, acting as the only necessary source of differential correction for submeter accuracy.

The following Arrow Series features outline its impressive array of capabilities:

Multi-Constellation Support

Our more advanced Arrow models (100, 200 and Gold) employ multi-constellation tracking and use all satellites in view for increased productivity and efficient workflow. The Arrow Series supports regional and global satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS. Arrow Lite supports OmniSTAR VBS, and Arrow 200 and Arrow Gold support Atlas H10, H30 and H100 services for worldwide, real-time submeter, subfoot and sub-decimeter positioning.

Advanced Compatibility and Connectivity

mes-1In addition to performance across all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), Arrow receivers are universal Bluetooth compatible, providing unmatched connectivity capabilities. With any iOS, Android, and Windows smartphone or tablet interface, our series combines high accuracy and advanced flexibility in a cost-conscious product.

The Arrow Series includes variable-power Bluetooth implementation so that communications between your mobile device and your Arrow receiver can take place within one-kilometer radius. Using universal Bluetooth connectivity, the Arrow outputs NMEA data messages to reach your chosen software installed on any size and make of Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone running iOS, Windows, or Android. The Arrow also supports TerraGo Edge, Esri and other Mobile GIS software.
The Arrow 200 feeds 1cm RTK accuracy to every app on your Android or iOS device!

Flexible Modular System

The Market Demands Flexibility

ipad-iphone-samsung-arrowA flexible modular GNSS receiver allows you to adapt to rapidly changing data collection platforms. Field data computers have evolved with similar momentum to desktop PCs, with similar advantages and issues. What does this mean? Significant time and resources spent updating to the latest advancements, which ceaselessly require new software and hardware, ending in waste and unusable, obsolete technologies. The Arrow Series solves this problem by offering a modular solution—in this case, two pieces are better than one.

The Arrow Protects Your Investment!

The old days of proprietary operating systems/field data collection and post-processing software are now over with the Arrow Series. Thus, the perceived advantage of an all-integrated GPS receiver in fact disadvantages the user, limiting the total investment to at most 2 years. So, if you want to build accuracy and results rather than the strength needed to carry obsolete gear into the wilderness, flexible modular systems are your friend!

The Arrow Series also protects your investment by providing compatibility with your existing computer and data collection software. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity the Arrow SeriesTM features Bluetooth as well as USB ports to maximize flexibility.

Unmatched SBAS Accuracy and Performance

Since professionals require reliable positioning technologies, our Arrow models support free compatible regional SBAS signals: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN for real-time positioning.

To ensure that your advanced positioning needs are met, the Arrow boasts 60cm 2dRMS (so 95%) accuracy using SBAS signals alone.

Furthermore, using patented and field-proven technology, the Arrow provides all-day DGNSS positioning under tree canopy, maintaining its accuracy for up to 40 minutes after the loss of an SBAS signal.

Unconvinced? We’ve anticipated some of your pressing questions:

Is SBAS truly accurate and reliable?

SBAS is quite accurate, but the Arrow Series creates positioning accuracy by processing the SBAS signal (see the latest WAAS performance report here: from the Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center). By utilizing the SBAS signals to their full potential, the Arrow Series only needs SBAS to provide differential correction. This unique and innovative method gives the user full day operation in DGPS.

WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe/North Africa), GAGAN (India), MSAS (Japan) were designed primarily for aviation use, where reliable precision approach/landing is paramount. Lives depend on the reliability of these SBAS signals to ensure safe landing. The resulting integrity SBAS offers outstretches any other sources of differential correction in the world.

Where can I get this accuracy using the Arrow?

SBAS does not require close proximity to ground monitoring stations to obtain high accuracy measurements, unlike LBAS (Local Based Augmentation Systems). All is needed is to be within the broadcast ionospheric coverage and see one of the satellites of the SBAS constellation. The Arrow also has the unique ability to further extrapolate the received ionospheric map, thus expanding the coverage area of an SBAS constellation—especially useful in areas with marginal SBAS coverage.

What occupation time is required to obtain submeter accuracy with the Arrow?

One second.

Just follow this minimal guideline:

  • After powering on the receiver, allow 3-5 minutes of tracking. The receiver will download the ionospheric map from the SBAS satellite and transition to this more accurate SBAS map. This time will also allow carrier phase smoothing to engage. Every fix collected in a multipath-free environment will be submeter.
  • After coming out of a high multipath or obstructed environment, just wait 15-20 seconds before collecting a point.

All set!

What if my area lacks SBAS coverage?

For areas lacking SBAS coverage, the Arrow 200, with support for the worldwide Atlas H100/H30/H10 differential correction services, is your best solution (the Arrow 100 supports only the H100 submeter service).

Additional real-time receiver option can be purchased and field-activated, including:

  • The Auto-Dif feature (2 Modes)
    Base-Station-Free Rover: You set your Arrow on a known point in the field, send coordinates to the receiver to initialize, and you will be submeter relative to the initialization/reference point for a 40-minute period. After 40 minutes, you will need to initialize again on the same reference point or another of your choosing.
    Standard Base Station-RTCM output: The receiver remains on the reference point and broadcasts standard correction, while a second Arrow is used as a rover with a communication link between the two.

Higher accuracy local differential as above, but for sub-foot or cm-level RTK.

Options for Increased Accuracy

When more precise positioning than sub-20cm or cm-level is required, higher accuracy options are available in either real-time or post-processing methods.

Both methods require an LBAS configuration (base/rover within a certain range of each other) for either fixed or float solutions or a real-time RTK Network with NTrip capability.

Low Purchase and Operating Costs

The Arrow offers a professional submeter GPS solution at an unprecedented price point. Above all, Eos Positioning Systems values longevity, quality, and affordability. To that end, the Arrow SeriesTM helps you save by providing:

  • Low Cost to Own: no additional post-processing software required for real-time submeter work.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Eliminate yearly time and money losses to post-processing and yearly software maintenance.
  • Software Flexibility: You are free to choose your own off-the-shelf field data collection software—no requirements for special add-ons.
  • Quality and Longevity: All-day battery power with a field-replaceable, smart-charging battery pack; IP-67 water immersion specifications; dust-proof
  • Real-time DGPS: While in the field, enjoy the benefits of real-time DGPS by locating buried assets under snow and/or for true mobile/server applications.
  • Uninterrupted Workflow: Arrow receivers offer direct linkage to your existing GIS/CAD systems and workflows. Your job is completed right in the field.

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