Download Eos User Manuals and Guides

Did you just purchase Arrow Series™ receiver? Download free user manuals and how-to guides from Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc. (Eos). Each PDF walks users through how to gets started on Arrow Series™ receivers.

Arrow Quick-Start Guide

The Arrow Series™ provides a high level of performance, delivering either submeter positioning using the built-in SBAS demodulator, centimeter positioning using RTK, or worldwide submeter, sub-foot or sub- decimeter accuracy using LBand Satellite subscription, at up to a 20Hz optional output. The Arrow Series™ also offers independent universal Bluetooth® (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems), and USB communication ports.

This document is meant to assist a customer in becoming familiar with the Arrow receiver functionality and system operation. Chapters cover unpacking their Arrow receiver, setting up connectivity, installing the Arrow USB Drivers for Windows, and more. Download the Arrow Quick-Start Guide PDF for free.

Eos PDF Resources - Eos Arrow Manual

Arrow User Manual

This document is meant to assist a customer in becoming familiar with the Arrow Series™ functionality and system operation, and it assumes that you, the end-user, is familiar with the basic concepts of GNSS receiver operations. The chapters that follow provide detailed information on the receivers, including the hardware and software interface, in addition to various descriptions of technologies and features that they support.

Download the Arrow User Manual PDF for free by clicking the download button.

Eos PDF Resources - Eos Arrow Manual

Eos Server User Guide

Eos Server is a stand-alone application designed to broadcast your own Arrow Series™ base station corrections over the Internet. There are lots of advantages for users who need RTK/DGNSS corrections to achieve submeter, subfoot or centimeter accuracy when an RTK Network or base station is unavailable nearby. Eos Server includes several features such as:

  • Emulates NTRIP protocol with client username/password database Direct IP connection
  • Allows the configuration of the receiver from a script file
  • Mirror mode for a remote base station over TCP/IP
  • Dual broadcast channel
  • Ability to connect to an NTrip Caster as a mountpoint

Eos Server requires a one-time activation license fee. The app also runs in demo mode with full functionality for one hour at a time.

Download your Eos Server User Guide PDF for free by clicking the download button.

Eos PDF Resources - Eos Arrow Manual

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