Arrow Accessories for High-Accuracy GNSS Field Data Collection

Are you ready to take your high-accuracy GPS / GNSS receiver into the field? Arrow accessories from Eos Positioning Systems are used worldwide to help field crews maximize their productivity in the field.  Whether you need light-weight equipment to help your field crews move more quickly, a mount to stabilize their work, an antenna accessory, or something else — Eos has you covered. Browse our selection of accessories, built to work with the Arrow receiver series, to find what your crews need.

Precision Antennae

Eos antennes

Antenna Mounts

big-antennae-mount moutain-plate-antenne-cable

Survey Antennae


Arrow Mounting Bracket

arrow-bracket arrow-bracket-2

Arrow Pole Setup

  pole trepod

Soft Hat with Antenna Pouch


Nylon Carrying Case

pochette eos arrow

Arrow Utility Vest

vest utilityeos utility vest

External Power Module

(Input: 9 to 28 VDC)

alimentation DC

Extreme Duty Case

case arrow