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Eos Positioning Systems®  (Eos) provides technical support to Arrow users. Simply fill out the web contact form on this page, and someone will reply to you in  a timely manner. You may also call Eos during regular business hours, EST, by calling (450) 824-3325. International (Canadian) charge rates apply.

Please note the latest Arrow Series’ GNSS receiver firmware models (updated February 2021):

  • Firmware for Arrow Gold, Arrow 200, and Arrow 100: 6.0Aa01.
  • Firmware for Arrow Lite: 6.8Qg24p

If you need or would like to update your firmware, please contact our Technical Support team by completing the form on this page. They will reply quickly with instructions on how to update your firmware.

Eos Positioning Systems Testimonial, Eos Testimonial, GNSS Testimonial

“Thank you so much for the exceptional support you have provided during our work with the Eos Arrow 100. My interactions with every one of your folks was pleasant and helpful.”

Daniel Pankani Project Engineer, Geosyntec Consultants

Eos Testimonial - Michael Armstrong - Fraser River Pilots

“I spoke with one for your techs on the phone, and he fixed me up in record time. Merci beaucoup, good service!”

Captain Mike Armstrong Chairman, Fraser River Pilots

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