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If you are looking for reliable, repeatable, and real-time GNSS locations in your mobile workflow, you are in the right place. Eos Positioning Systems designs and manufactures professional, affordable GNSS receivers that provide submeter to centimeter level accuracy to any iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device. Our Arrow Series® GNSS receivers can provide these submeter GPS and RTK GNSS locations to any data-collection app on the market. If you are looking for an accurate and affordable GNSS receiver, we encourage you to browse our website and contact us today.

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What Makes the Eos Arrow Series® GNSS Special?

Device and App Friendly

All Eos Positioning Systems hardware is designed to work with any consumer mobile device, including iOS, Android and Windows. In addition, Arrow Series® GNSS receivers work with any data-collection app, whether it’s a partner app or your own proprietary mobile app.

Variety of Accuracy Levels

Eos offers a variety of models of Arrow Series® GNSS receivers. Each model provides either submeter, subfoot, or centimeter-level accuracy, depending on the differential correction source used.

Access to Software and Solutions

Eos offers a variety of software and solutions to enhance your experience with our GNSS hardware. Every Arrow Series® GNSS  receiver includes access to free GNSS monitoring software and optional GNSS solutions.

  • Submeter GNSS Receivers
  • Centimeter-Level GNSS Receivers
Eos Arrow Lite GNSS Receiver GPS GIS BeiDou GLONASS

Arrow Lite®

Single-frequency submeter GPS receiver

Eos Arrow 100 GNSS Receiver GLONASS Beidou GPS GIS

Arrow 100®

Single-frequency submeter GNSS receiver

Arrow 100+ Plus model GNSS receiver SBAS Atlas

Arrow 100+™

Single-frequency subfoot GNSS receiver

Eos Arrow 200 GNSS Receiver GPS GIS BeiDou GLONASS

Arrow 200®

Dual-frequency RTK GNSS receiver

Eos Arrow Gold GNSS Receiver GLONASS Beidou GPS GIS

Arrow Gold®

Triple-frequency RTK GNSS receiver

Eos Arrow Gold Plus GNSS Receiver GPS GIS BeiDou GLONASS

Arrow Gold+™

All-frequency RTK GNSS receiver

Worldwide Submeter and Centimeter Accuracy

Arrow Series®  GNSS receivers are designed to be used with a variety of differential correction sources. Each source is available regionally, based on where your field work occurs. Eos can help you determine which Arrow GNSS receiver model and accompanying differential correction source will give you the best value and accuracy. Below are the most commonly used differential correction sources supported by Arrow Series®  GNSS receivers:


Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) provide 30-60cm average accuracy. SBAS are free, regional sources of submeter differential corrections that are typically owned and operated by governing bodies.
View SBAS Coverage Worldwide >

RTK Networks

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) networks are free or paid sources of centimeter-level differential corrections. They are owned and operated by public and private organizations regionally. All existing RTK networks can be used with Arrow GNSS receivers.
Learn about RTK >

Eos Tools Pro screenshot: GNSS position tab on iPhone, mobile GNSS location status

Base Station

Base stations are reference stations that broadcast centimeter-level differential corrections to an approximate 50 km (31 mi) radius. The Arrow Gold® can be installed and operated as a private base station.
Learn about the Arrow Gold® >

Atlas® Service

Atlas® service is a paid satellite subscription that provides 4-50cm accuracy worldwide.  It is recommended in places where SBAS, RTK networks and base stations are not available.
Learn about Atlas® >

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Designed to Work With Partner Software and Hardware

Eos Positioning Systems partners with a variety of software and hardware providers. This ensures your Arrow GNSS receiver seamlessly integrates with the world’s leading mobile mapping technologies. Browse some of the partner technologies we recommend, such as data-collection apps that have integrated support for the Arrow Series®:

Browse All Eos Partner Technologies >

Explore Eos Solutions

Eos offers a number of advanced mobile mapping solutions. These solutions are free, but require Eos hardware and some partner technologies. Our two leading solutions include Eos Locate ™ for underground utility mapping, and Eos Laser Mapping™ for mapping assets from afar. Learn more about each:

Eos Locate for ArcGIS Esri Collector Field Maps Eos Tools Pro underground utility mapping GIS GNSS

Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS®

Bring your buried assets to life! Accurately mapping buried legacy pipe has traditionally required dig spot holes, physically exposing the buried pipe, and then capturing its location. This is time consuming, expensive, and inconvenient for everyone who lives and works in the area. Are you ready to bring your buried assets to life without digging? Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS® is the world’s first real-time, survey-grade underground mapping solution for ArcGIS. With Eos Locate™ , it takes just a few seconds to locate and map buried infrastructure with highly accurate coordinates and depth below cover, directly into ArcGIS. This solution drastically cuts down time and labor spent in the field remapping existing utilities, while improving the accuracy of geospatial records.
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Eos Laser Mapping: Laser offsets and sideshots for Esri ArcGIS with Laser Tech LTI laser rangefinders and Eos Arrow GNSS receivers GPS mapping, total station like workflow

Eos Laser Mapping™ for ArcGIS

Eos is excited to bring you the world’s first laser mapping solution for Esri’s ArcGIS apps. The Eos Laser Mapping™ solution is for field crews that need to map hard-to-occupy assets with 3D, survey-grade accuracy — without having to physically stand on top of every single point. This is great when the assets you need to collect are located in environments that are either GNSS-impaired (with poor line-of-sight to positioning satellites), or in areas that are difficult and dangerous to reach. Eos Laser Mapping™ is currently available for iPad and iPhone as a free solution, in conjunction with our partnerships between Esri and Laser Technology (LTI).
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