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Collect Survey-Grade Vertical Data with Any Software Using Arrow

Users of the Arrow Series GNSS receivers can take advantage of high-accuracy (i.e., survey-grade), real-time orthometric height data-collection in the field. The Arrow receiver will output accurate GNSS elevations into any data-collection app. Eos also offers a detailed how-to guide, free Python script (for Collector for ArcGIS) and metadata fields PDF (also for Collector) to help customers get started with real-time geoid height conversion.

Who is this Solution for?

The Arrow receivers now support the entire United States to provide survey-grade elevation in NAVD88 orthometric heights through the GEOID12B (US) geoid model. The Arrow receivers also support the Canadian CGG2013a and HTv2.0 geoid models for the CGVD2013 and CGVD28 vertical datums, respectively. Additional geoid models for other countries are planned in the future.

In addition, the solution is available for iOS and Android data-collection apps. Eos will add support for Windows devices shortly. Please check back for updates, or subscribe to the monthly Eos newsletter to be alerted when this solution is available on Windows.

Orthometric height is simply the height above the earth's ellipsoid, or elevation. You can calculate orthometric height manually by subtracting the geoid height from ellipsoidal height.


Real-time Geoid Height eliminates time-consuming post processing

Turns any smartphone or tablet into a 3D, survey-grade data collection device

Available for the US and Canada (more locations being added)

Field crews stay more productive with high-accuracy Z coordinates

Compatible with any data collection app on iOS or Android


Metadata Fields PDF

Eos has put together this PDF table to shows you all the possible metadata fields you might want to add to support geoid heights in your mobile app. The list is exhaustive and includes fields you might want to uses for laser mapping offsets. Follow the legend to determine which fields to add to your app.


Eos Pro Tools iOS iPhone logo

Eos Tools Pro is a free monitoring and utility app for Arrow Series GNSS receivers®. The app works in conjunction with the data-collection app of your choice, to provide advanced GNSS information — such as RMS values, PDOP, Differential Status, Satellites Tracked and Used, and more. Such metadata is critical for submeter and centimeter GIS and surveying data collection.

Elevation for Beginners: What to Know About GPS Receiver Elevation

IMAGE - ARTICLE - HOW TO GET FAST EOS TECHNICAL SUPPORT - ELEVATION Geoid Height Conversion from Ellipsoidal to Orthometric using Geoid Height GPS Receiver Elevation - Ellipsoid Geoid

What is the difference between the ellipsoid, mean sea level, geoid, geoid height, and orthometric height — and which one is right?

All elevation measurements are, in essence, the difference between the earth’s surface and a point above or below it. But because the earth’s surface is full of physical anomalies and is changing constantly, scientists rely on theoretical representations — called “vertical datums” — to represent the earth’s surface.

Here’s how to make sense of the Z coordinate in your fieldwork.

How to Configure ArcGIS for Orthometric Height with Arrow

How to Configure ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, and Eos Tools Pro for Laser Offset Mapping and Orthometric Height

In this article, Eos shows you which GNSS metadata fields to add as attributes to ArcGIS Online in order to collect real-time geoid heights. We’ll also show you how to designate Eos Tools Pro as the app that will be performing orthometric-height measurements inside Collector for ArcGIS®. This article includes optional Laser Mapping instructions.

How to Collect Geoid Height with Arrow and Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS

Arrow GNSS receivers now support real-time geoid height (orthometric height) data collection on iOS and Android. In this video, you’ll learn how to collect geoid height with Arrow in Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS. To follow along you’ll need an Arrow receiver and the latest versions of Collector and Eos Tools Pro.


Release: Eos Releases New Eos Tools Pro with Updates for GEOID Support and Battery Monitoring

Eos released two New Versions of Eos Tools Pro with support for Australia, Brazil and Swedish GEOID models, with updates for Battery Status Monitor.

How to Record Orthometric Heights in Collector v18.1.0 (Aurora) with Your Eos Arrow GNSS Receiver

Learn to record orthometric heights in Collector Aurora. Follow along with written resources, screenshots and video tutorial in this article.

How to Record Orthometric Height in Esri Collector with Your Eos Arrow GNSS Receiver

In this 4-minute tutorial, you’ll learn how to collect orthometric height in Esri Collector Aurora with Arrow GNSS receivers. You’ll need Collector v18.1.0.

How to Use Real-Time Geoid Height with Arrow and Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS

In this 3-minute tutorial, you’ll learn how to collect geoid height with Arrow in real time by configuring Eos Tools Pro and Collector for ArcGIS.

How to Configure ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, and Eos Tools Pro for Laser Offset Mapping and Orthometric Height

From setting up attributes to configuring Collector and Eos Tools Pro, get ready to learn how to Configure ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, and Eos Tools Pro.

Release: Eos Releases Orthometric Height Support for Arrow GNSS Receivers (Survey-Grade Elevations)

You can now use your Arrow GNSS receiver with any data collection software in the world, and benefit from accurate orthometric heights.

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