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January 2017 Newsletter: Free Submeter Corrections with SBAS

Free SBAS corrections allows Arrow to provide real-time submeter locations, out of the box, for many customers

How can you get GPS sub-meter corrections for free?

SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System) around the world provide free, real-time sub-meter corrections for high-performance GNSS receivers. SBAS is a fantastic, free public service that GIS professionals around the world can use to make their GNSS receivers more accurate, and therefore make their GIS databases more accurate.

In this article, Eos’ own Alvaro answers the question, “Why do some GNSS receivers using SBAS achieve submeter accuracy, but others don’t?”

Al’s Corner – Technical Tips

Hi… My name is Alvaro and I am the Technical Support Manager at Eos Positioning Systems. I am inviting you to visit our Learning Center on our web site for useful technical information, how-to’s and video tutorials. This section will be updated regularly with new material. Any question? please do not hesitate to contact our technical support center.

Tutorial Video

Using your Arrow Receiver with TerraGo Edge on iOS


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