Consulting Firm Bolton and Menk Uses Eos Arrow GNSS Receivers for High Accuracy GNSS Data Collection for their Clients to have Accurate GIS

GNSS for Consulting

Are you a consultant, big or small, whose work requires delivering geospatial maps or related deliverables with survey-grade accuracy? Are you looking to replace a cumbersome legacy GNSS or purchase your first receiver? Whether you’re new to the world of positioning or a veteran surveyor, Eos Positioning Systems (Eos) can help. Our GNSS hardware and solutions are ideal for consultancies whose profitability depends on delivering affordable, accurate results with fool-proof hardware that is as reliable as it is versatile. Worldwide, our GNSS receivers have become a go-to choice for consultancies performing construction surveys, utility as-builting, civil-engineering projects, wetland-delineation mapping, vegetation and aquatic resource management, and more. Keep reading to see why consultancies like yours choose Eos.

Consulting Firms Use Eos Arrow GNSS Receivers for High Accuracy Data Collection

No Annual Subscription Fees

All of our GNSS receivers are able to get out-of-the-box submeter accuracy or better without any subscription necessary. Our hardware also supports subfoot accuracy with Galileo HAS and centimeter RTK accuracy with your existing network or base station.
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Device and App Agnostic

Eos GNSS receivers are completely device agnostic (e.g., iOS®, Android™, Windows®) and work with any third-party app, even your own. Buy today and flex tomorrow.
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Advanced Workflow Options

Tired of using your total station in GNSS-impaired environments? Eos offers free advanced data-collection solutions, including laser mapping, which mimick traditional surveying workflows without the hassle.
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Your GNSS, Your Way

Choose from a variety of field gear setups, including handheld brackets that bring your device and receiver into one, carbon-fiber range poles, wearable solutions, and vehicle mounts.
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One GNSS — for Every Project

No matter what your project calls for in the field, an Eos GNSS receiver can rise to the task. Our products are each hand-made in Montreal and certified to endure the harshest, coldest, most rugged field environments whether due to nature or human handling. Have a question? Our lauded customer-support team is available every business day during normal business hours (Eastern Time Zone), completely free of charge. Additionally, our global reseller network is also available to guide you through your choices for GNSS receivers, differential correction sources, mobile devices, data-collection software, and more — whichever parts you need or want. Our primary goal is to help you deliver your projects better, faster, and more affordably, so you can go home successful. Contact our team today, and we will connect you to an authorized local reseller so you can ask any questions, big or small; request a demo; or receive additional purchasing information.

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The Arrow Gold GNSS Receiver with Consulting Firm Bolton and Menk for Utility GPS Data Collection

Professionals Using Eos GNSS for Consulting Work

Featured Success Story

Foggy Forest

Customer Spotlight: David Malm Empowers Clients with Accuracy at Bolton & Menk

David provides community infrastructure solutions to municipalities using high-accuracy GNSS and GIS technologies.

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Even More Consulting Case Studies

Texas Drone Consultancy Maps Enchanted Rock with UAVs and GNSS

A Texas consultancy provided 3D topo maps and digital elevation models to a park by using Arrow Gold for ground control points, DJI drones & GPS Tracker.

Customer Spotlight: Zack Henry Helps Customers Succeed with High-Accuracy GIS

Zack Henry uses an Arrow Gold® with ArcGIS Field Maps for efficient data collection for utilities. When his clients succeed, Zack succeeds — and he brings that attitude to all his work.

Maine Consultancy Captures Water Infrastructure Data

Faced with a retiring workforce, Northern Forest clients began mapping assets. See how one consultancy helps them deploy Arrow 100 GNSS and ArcGIS.

DDSI Increases Profit Margins with GNSS Laser Mapping

Denver’s DDSI maps utilities in tough-to-reach areas with Eos Laser Mapping for ArcGIS Field Maps during construction design phases.

Efficiently Capturing High-Accuracy New Pipe Construction [A 2022 Esri UC Presentation]

Minnesota-based Ellingson Companies provides gas utilities with real-time as-builts that are captured with centimeter-level accuracy.

Customer Spotlight: Nora Toro Brings Confidence to Clients

Learn how Nora Toro uses Eos Arrow GNSS receivers to help coworkers find optimal high-accuracy data collection workflows and strengthen trust in their data.

Real-Time GNSS Data Collection Drastically Reduces Labor at NY Consultancy

In this presentation, David Gigliotti of explains how high-accuracy data collection (Arrow Gold® GNSS, ArcGIS) to cut mobile labor costs.

Customer Spotlight: Steve Perry Builds Trust in Land Trust Data

Steve Perry founded Sperry Geospatial, which today creates trust in land trust maps. Learn how Steve uses ArcGIS Field Maps and Arrow GNSS receivers to deliver customers superior, reliable results.

What Consultants Say About Eos

David Malm

“By the end of the day, they couldn’t wait to get out and start using the Arrow GNSS receivers. Field staff were telling their boss about how much time it was going to save them and that we need to get one for everyone.”

David Malm

GIS Project Manager, Bolton & Menk / MN, United States

Al Schaeffer

“It’s the affordable price of the Arrow 100 that has made it more possible for my small company to expand, grow, and offer more services.”

Al Schaeffer

President, Northern Forests, LLC / ME, United States

David Gigliotti

“I cannot emphasize enough how extremely supportive Eos resellers have been in both the purchase and implementation of this technology. In my opinion, they have gone above and beyond to help with any technical issues we have encountered, ensuring the success of our projects.”

David Gigliotti

Project Manager, The DDS Companies / NY, United States

Mike George

 “The Eos Laser Mapping solution has saved our drafters hours. In the survey world, that’s the difference between the project being profitable or just breaking even.”

Mike George

(Former) GIS Director and Project Manager, DDSI Global / CO, United States

Michael Allison

“I can fly a drone survey every quarter for approximately the same price my customers would have had to pay for a single survey using traditional methods.”

Michael Allison

Owner, Raptor Aerial Services / TX, United States

Damon Nelton

“Everyone at Ellingson Companies — from our experienced surveyors to our field crews and interns — find that the Arrow GNSS receiver just works. Its relative cost point is favorable, the learning curve is short, and our crew enjoys using it!”

Damon Nelton

GIS Manager, Ellingson Companies / MN, United States

Daniel Pankani

“Thank you so much for the exceptional support you have provided during our work with the Eos Arrow 100. My interactions with every one of your folks was pleasant and helpful.”

Daniel Pankani

Project Engineer, Geosyntec Consultants / OR, United States

Nora Toro

“It doesn’t get much better than going outside with colleagues and working efficiently throughout the whole day while gathering high-quality data. On days like this, the Arrow’s long battery life and the easy-to-use interface of Eos Tools Pro make it a breeze to validate workflows.”

Nora Toro

Data Scientist, Encepta / BC, Canada

Steve Perry

“I can’t say it enough on how happy I am with the Eos Arrow 100. It has proven itself tenfold on everything I’ve asked it to do.”

Steve Perry

Owner, Sperry Geospatial / CT, United States

Michael Cousins

“I love the Arrow Gold receiver’s combined versatility, accuracy, and ease of use. It is super easy to train new staff on how to use this device and it is very easy to implement and deploy.”

Michael Cousins

Partner and GIS Practice Leader, OHM Advisors / MI, United States

Zack Henry

“In my job position, I use a few applications that can all connect to the Arrow Gold. In doing so, I can smoothly transition from one project to the next without additional device setup and with Eos Tools Pro continually running in the background.”

Zack Henry

Field Services Technician, Encepta / BC, Canada

Consultants in Action with Eos GNSS Receivers

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