Eos Positioning System's Arrow GNSS for Forestry Mapping

High-Accuracy GNSS for Forestry

Do you need to create accurate harvest plans, determine property lines, or manage inventory and operations? Worldwide, forestry professionals choose GNSS receivers from Eos Positioning Systems because of our hardware’s rugged design, reliable accuracy, and ability to interface with nearly every app and mobile device in existence. Our GNSS receivers can be field mounted in a variety of setups, including on your feller buncher or any other vehicle, and they are fully compatible with any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Eos GNSS receivers support a variety of third-party apps, even your own or those you don’t see listed on our website. This means you can ensure the data you need is both accurate and able to integrate into any existing or desired workflow.

Eos Arrow GNSS for Forestry Mapping

Variety of Accuracy Options

Whether you need support for RTK or SBAS, all constellations (e.g., GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, IRNSS, QZSS), and multiple frequencies (including Galileo E6), we’ve got a solution.

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Flexibility in the Field

Eos GNSS receivers are built to withstand the forest. Mount your receiver and antenna to a vehicle, carry them in a back pack, or choose any other field configuration.

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Solutions for Canopy

Eos GNSS receivers provide real-time DGPS meter-level accuracy under canopy. But for those who need more, we offer free solutions like Eos Laser Mapping™. So you can shoot points from afar and even daisy-chain your way deep into the forest.

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Explore Forestry Successes

Browse our favorite case studies from forestry teams building timber-harvest plans, mapping property lines, managing tree inventories, and more.

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Future-Proof Forestry GNSS Options

Managing natural resources requires a critical level of repeatable accuracy. Worldwide, our GNSS receivers have been chosen by private forestry companies, not-for-profit land management groups, and governmental organizations tasked with property management and delineation in everywhere from urban to remote areas. Why are more professionals choosing Eos for high-accuracy in forestry applications? Simply put, our high-accuracy GNSS receivers offer you an extremely accurate, affordable, and flexible choice. You will never be locked into a specific subscription, proprietary software, or bulky and expensive mobile device with Eos. Instead, you select the accuracy level you need, the field gear you want, and the differential correction sources you wish to use. Moreover, our worldwide reseller network is also available to guide you through which model will best fit your specific project needs. Contact our team today to get started.

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Eos Positioning System's Arrow GNSS for Forestry Mapping

Professionals Using Eos GNSS Receivers in Forestry Applications

Featured Success Story

Foggy Forest

Timber Operations Go Digital In Northern Canada

Tolko is always modernizing its mapping technology. They recently increased timber harvest by adopting Arrow 100® GNSS w/ GLONASS & Esri apps.

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Even More Forestry GNSS Case Studies

Managing the Privatization of East Germany’s State-Owned Lands with ArcGIS Enterprise and High-Accuracy Mobile GIS

Since Germany reunited in 1990, the BVVG has been dedicated to privatizing lands formerly owned by East Germany. See how their mapping technology has evolved over decades.

Customer Spotlight: Theresa Maier Shares “GPS for GIS” Best Practices

Theresa Maier of Esri Deutschland partner GI Geoinformatik shares the endless opportunities of GPS for GIS clients.

Swedish Consultancy Maps Property Lines Under Canopy

Forestry is a major component of the Swedish economy. Landowners must agree on boundaries. See how Arrow 100 GNSS helps, even under dense canopy.

What Forestry Professionals Say About Eos

Michael Gabel

“After the tests, we decided that the Arrow 100 was the right receiver for us. It provides a very precise, stable position even in poor conditions, and with satellite based correction data (like EGNOS), we do not have to worry about having cell reception anymore to receive our differential corrections.”

Michael Gabel

GIS Applications Manager, Bodenverwertungs-und-verwaltungs GmbH (BVVG) / BB, Germany

Håkan Bergstedt

“With the Arrow 100, I can normally say that a property marker is here within a foot. It’s incredibly accurate. With the Arrow and RTK network, I get two centimeters or closer than that.”

Håkan Bergstedt

Co-Founder, MittNorr Skog & Fastighet AB / JA, Sweden

Theresa Maier

“I can honestly say that we especially appreciate the great contact with Eos. Our questions are always answered promptly, orders are processed quickly and I really enjoy working with them. The Eos team cares and supports in all possible ways. Vielen Dank hierfür! (That means, 'Many thanks for this!')”

Theresa Maier

(Former) Manager, GI GeoInformatik / BY, Germany

Michael Morgan

“Having our boundaries and features mapped digitally is a huge cost savings. With the high-accuracy Eos Arrow GNSS and the flexibility of the Esri products, we are now able to take our business to the next level of efficiency.”

Michael Morgan

Woodlands Operations Supervisor, Tolko Industries / AB, Canada

Professionals in Action Mapping Forestry Assets

Recommended Eos GNSS Solutions for Forestry Mapping

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