OHM Advisors Uses Eos Arrow GNSS for AEC Mapping
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GNSS for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Are you planning new construction, verifying project progress, surveying as-builts, or a combination of the above? These days, your stakeholders demand accurate geospatial plans, transparent updates, and high-confidence as-builts — with a turnaround time of yesterday. At Eos Positioning Systems, we offer real-time, external GNSS receivers that support any geospatial software you use. This means that no matter what applications you use in the field, Eos GNSS receivers will simply Bluetooth®-stream your survey-grade accuracy to it. Moreover, you can use any mobile device you like, including iOS®, Android™, and Windows®. In addition to providing this reliability and flexibility, Eos also offers free solutions to support advanced data-collection workflows, such as laser mapping and underground utility-mapping (with partner technologies). Discover why AEC firms are choosing Eos GNSS receivers to save time with surveying while performing field work with greater ease and confidence.

OHM Advisors Uses Eos Arrow GNSS for AEC Mapping

Variety of Accuracy Options

Whether you need RTK or base station compatibility, support for all GNSS constellations and frequencies (including IRNSS, QZSS, Galileo HAS), or out-of-the-box 60cm accuracy, we’ve got a solution. Contact our team to talk about your needs.
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Complete Flexibility

Our GNSS receivers are device- and app-agnostic, giving you complete autonomy over the software and devices you choose. There is no subscription requirement for using any of our models.
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Advanced Data Collection

Do you use a bulky total station? Do you struggle to map underground assets? Learn more about the free laser-mapping and buried-utility-mapping solutions included with your receiver.
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Fostering AEC Success

Browse our AEC case studies to learn how others like you are saving time and money, improving project management, and making clients happier with Eos technology.
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Rugged and Flexible for Any Job Site

Job sites can be unpredictable, hard to reach, and full of GNSS obstructions. That’s why Eos GNSS receivers are designed to be rugged enough to go anywhere a human can — and flexible enough to work on a pole, with a laser rangefinder, and even in remote and disconnected environments. With the flexibility to retain high accuracy for up to 20 minutes even when GNSS signal is lost (called SafeRTK®) and an all-day, field-replaceable battery, your GNSS receiver will work as long as you do. Moreover, all Eos GNSS receivers are lightweight and compatible with a variety of field-gear setups. And if any question comes up, our technical support team is available to address your needs. Contact our team today to start your journey toward a high-performance GNSS solution.

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DDSI Uses Eos Arrow High Accuracy GNSS for AEC Mapping

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Professionals Using Eos GNSS

Featured Success Story

Foggy Forest

Managing a construction site with UAVs, GNSS and web GIS

See how stakeholders in Texas benefitted from real-time UAV data captured and shared using ArcGIS Drone2Map, ArcGIS Online, and Eos GNSS receivers.

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In this webinar, Esri, OHM Advisors and Eos explore underground utility mapping with Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS®, including a utility case study.

Customer Spotlight: Chris Kahn, with Eos from the beginning

Customer Spotlight: Chris Kahn was one of Eos’ earliest customers and has found a sweet spot of efficient CAD, GIS, GNSS, and UAV field work.

Customer Spotlight: Mike George takes on the latest technology

Meet our newest Customer Spotlight: Mike George of DDSI! Mike adopted laser offsets with Arrow & ArcGIS Collector, helping increase DDSI’s project margins by 20% per project!

DDSI Increases Profit Margins with GNSS Laser Mapping

Denver’s DDSI maps utilities in tough-to-reach areas with Eos Laser Mapping for ArcGIS Field Maps during construction design phases.

Capturing Hard-to-reach Assets with Decimeter Accuracy

In this Esri AEC webinar, DDSI Global shares how per-project ROI increased by 20% thanks to the use of Eos Laser Mapping for Collector during site surveys.

Ports of Auckland Demonstrates Arrow Gold with ArcGIS

Ports of Auckland uses Eos Arrow Gold RTK receiver with Esri Collector to verify port construction is being performed according to designs, down to the cm.

Efficiently Capturing High-Accuracy New Pipe Construction [A 2022 Esri UC Presentation]

Minnesota-based Ellingson Companies provides gas utilities with real-time as-builts that are captured with centimeter-level accuracy.

Transforming Campus Facility Management with GIS: Site Plans – ArcGIS Meets AutoCAD [An Esri UC Session]

Can high-accuracy GNSS and GIS integrate with CAD? Discover how in this recorded 2022 Esri UC presentation.

What AEC Professionals Say About Eos

Mike George

“The Arrow Gold has become one of our go-to tools for topographical feature collection.”

Mike George

(Former) GIS Director and Project Manager, DDSI Global / CO, United States

Chris Kahn

“I’ve set up an Arrow Gold UHF radio base station on a remote island for a multi-million dollar resort construction project, and I’ve even established numerous private four-constellation Arrow base-station networks for a large U.S. organization. The Eos Arrow Gold base stations vastly improve field workers’ RTK fix abilities in challenging environments, such as in urban canyons and under tree canopy. The projects I’ve used Arrow on run the gamut, and I’ve reduced cost as much as 98% at my organization — all while doubling speed and improving accuracy.”

Chris Kahn

Founder, AlphaRTK / PA, United States

Damon Nelton

“We had roughly 2,400 features on this project that we shot in with our GNSS receivers, with the Arrow Gold. We averaged 0.25-inch accuracy throughout the entire project. At the end of the project, then, we got almost 17,000 digits with no human entry other than pressing the button on the barcode scanner, which means zero data errors.”

Damon Nelton

GIS Manager, Ellingson Companies / MN, United States

Mike George 2

 “With 90 to 95 percent of the work done in the field, we’ve made a huge time savings and ROI on each project. That’s what this Eos system does for us.”

Mike George

(Former) GIS Director and Project Manager, DDSI Global / CO, United States

AEC Professionals in Action with Eos GNSS Receivers

Recommended GNSS Hardware and Software for AEC Uses

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Visit an authorized Eos representative at the MN GIS/LIS Consortium. This year we are in Duluth, Minnesota!

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