High-Accuracy GNSS for Agriculture

Whether you need to map beets or beehives, land boundaries or vineyard blight, it’s finally possible to do so both reliably and affordably. Eos Positioning Systems offers agricultural professionals worldwide the option to map their natural resources with submeter to centimeter-level accuracy. Our most affordable submeter GNSS receivers are more accurate than your smartphone or tablet, and they allow you to collect data directly into any mobile mapping application of your choice. With real-time positioning, you eliminate the need for post-processing without sacrificing accuracy. Our worldwide reseller network means you can purchase our Eos GNSS hardware from Alberta to Australia, and in between. Keep reading to learn why more agricultural professionals worldwide are turning to Eos GNSS solutions to meet their field needs.

Variety of Accuracy Options

Whether you need RTK or base station compatibility, support for all constellations and frequencies (including IRNSS, QZSS, Galileo HAS), or out-of-the-box 60cm accuracy, we’ve got a solution. Browse our products online, or contact us to learn more.

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Flexibility in the Field

If your field workers are well-equipped, they’re more likely to be successful. That’s why our device-agnostic GNSS receivers can be mounted using a variety of field-gear setups.

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Solutions for Canopy

Eos GNSS receivers provide real-time DGPS meter-level accuracy under canopy. But for those who need more, we also offer free solutions such as Eos Laser Mapping™ for ArcGIS®.

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Explore Agriculture Successes

Browse our favorite case studies from agricultural teams making a difference at orchards, vineyards, and beyond.

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GNSS Positions, Delivered Farm Fresh

Eos GNSS receivers are becoming more popular at orchards, vineyards, citrus farms, and similar sites. Repeatable submeter or centimeter accuracy means you can develop extremely precise fertilizer and pesticide prescriptions, track the health of each vine individually, and manage and monitor irrigation infrastructure. Moreover, if you need high-accuracy elevations, our centimeter-level GNSS models allow you to capture that elusive Z-value with extremely high confidence, allowing you to lay out drainage projects and more. Even in remote areas, accuracy down to a few centimeters is possible. Best of all, this location accuracy happens in real time via satellite. There’s no waiting for post-processing, file offloading and uploading, and other manual data-entry situations. Our GNSS positions are delivered farm fresh.

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Eos Positioning Systems GNSS for Agriculture

Professionals Using Eos GNSS Receivers in Agriculture

Featured Success Story

Foggy Forest

Vineyard Maps 500,000 Vines with Survey-Grade Accuracy

Learn how one premium-wine producing vineyard saved over a half-million dollars by choosing RTK cloud-based mapping over physical barcode IDs.

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Even More Agriculture GNSS Case Studies

ADF Haiti Strengthens Local Farming Initiative with High-Accuracy Mapping

By replacing physical boundary markers with highly accurate digital records, ADF Haiti enabled the deployment of modern machine technologies that improve farmers’ yield while retaining trust.

Customer Spotlight: Summer Roberts Pairs Winemaking with GIS

Did you know GIS might be behind your glass of wine? Learn how Summer Roberts uses GNSS to map vineyard properties in California.

Veritas prescribes fertilizer with accurate zoning

Veritas provides fertilizer and seed prescriptions by using Arrow 100 for soil sampling and processing the results in ArcGIS Pro. See how they work!

Customer Spotlight: Josiah Thomas betters his community with GNSS

Customer Spotlight: Josiah Thomas uses Arrow Gold and ArcGIS Collector to mark farmland, through his nonprofit ADF Haiti, across the Haitian island.

New Zealand Org Tracks Orchards Re-levelling Success

A NZ agricultural research team uses Arrow 100 w/ Australian-New Zealand SBAS to get 30cm accuracy among 5m-tall trees. Their work may change orchard ops.

Customer Spotlight: Steve Laevens simplifies soil sampling

Steve Laevens amazed us with his passion for serving customers of Veritas Farm Management. See how Steve does soil sampling with Arrow 100 in our inaugural Customer Spotlight: Steve Laevens.

What Agriculture Professionals Say About Eos

Summer Roberts

“When I first started in GIS with my father, we used bulky GPS backpacks that gave 10+ foot accuracy. Now, with the Arrow Gold, we receive accuracy down to the centimeter.”

Summer Roberts

GIS Analyst, Jackson Family Wines / CA, United States

Jean Thomas

“At this point, we can remove physical boundary markers, such as fences, that would otherwise be a hindrance to mechanized harvesting tools. So we can have smoother and less interrupted harvests.”

Jean Thomas

Founder, Haiti Christian Development Fund (HCDF) / SD, Haiti

Steve Laevens

“I truly believe in the Arrow products, and all of the benefits they have brought to our national soil collection teams. As we continue to grow and scale our business across Canada and the US, the Arrow line will be part of that growth as well.”

Steve Laevens

(Former) Soil Sampling Coordinator, Veritas Farm Management / ON, Canada

Dan Bloomer

“I’d tested the Eos Arrow 100 against smartphone GNSS, other SBAS systems and RTK-GNSS and I’d seen it had the right level of accuracy for our purposes. Marking ponds and trees we need submeter systems. With the Arrow, we could get great results in full-leaf orchards.”

Dan Bloomer

Principal, Page Bloomer Associates / HKB, New Zealand

Josiah Thomas

“We need to provide the landowner with confidence that what we are measuring is actually their land.”

Josiah Thomas

Founder, ADF Haiti / SD, Haiti

Georgia O'Brien

“Thirty-centimeter accuracy is excellent in an orchard, and it ensures our measurements are correctly located.”

Georgia O’Brien

Project Coordinator, Page Bloomer Associates / HKB, New Zealand

Steve Laevens 2

“We have literally not had one issue with these Arrow 100s on 100,000 acres of soil sampling this year.”

Steve Laevens

(Former) Soil Sampling Coordinator, Veritas Farm Management / ON, Canada

Professionals in Action Mapping Agriculture Assets

Recommended Eos GNSS Solutions for Agriculture Mapping

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