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GPS for State & Local Government

Whether you identify as a state department tasked with a specific asset (such as urban forestry or electric/water utilities), a municipality, or council, Eos has GNSS solutions for you. Our local government customer segment is our largest, which means we cater to providing reliable, budget-friendly, and flexible solutions for accuracy that meet all municipal needs. Whether you need to acquire submeter accuracy to map trees and street lamps, or centimeter-level accuracy for water and electric utilities with an eye toward the future, our team can help.

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Flexible Accuracy

Choose from GNSS receivers that offer anywhere from submeter to centimeter-level accuracy.

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Myriad Applications

Local government teams who buy our GNSS receivers often find new uses for high-accuracy mapping, including a variety of utilities and related infrastructure, natural resources such as urban forestry, and more.

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Globally Compatible

Eos is proud to offer device- and app-agnostic receivers. This means the model you choose works with your mobile devices and data-collection apps today — and tomorrow. We recommend a range of partner software and hardware, but even if your desired third-party technology isn’t listed, we can probably work with it. Simply inquire with our team.

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Mapping Made Easy

Have you been dreaming of a GPS solution that satisfies common municipal requirements? It’s easy to use, doesn’t cost a fortune to deploy, requires little to no user training, and works with your existing or desired apps and mobile devices? Look no further. Eos Positioning Systems offers a range of accuracy levels with our external GNSS receivers. Simply contact our team, talk us through your desired accuracy level including current and future use cases, and we will match you to a GNSS receiver that meets your current and future needs. There are no hidden costs, no required subscription fees, and no mandatory software purchases.

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State & Local Government Organizations Using Eos GNSS Receivers

Featured State & Local Government GNSS Success Story

Foggy Forest

A Forward-Thinking Michigan Municipality Implements High-Accuracy Maps for Program Management

The City of Saline brought GIS in house, deployed high-accuracy GNSS receivers, and is working toward a streamlined longterm master plan.

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Even More Related GNSS Case Studies

Wilmington Achieves Real-Time As-Builts with ArcGIS Field Maps and Arrow GNSS Receivers

Previously it took 3rd-party contractors 1+ year to deliver Wilmington’s CAD as-builts. Now with ArcGIS Field Maps and Arrow GNSS, it’s near real time.

Oakland Co., MI, Maps Underground Utilities with Eos Locate

In this recorded Eos Locate case study, Michael Cousins explains how underground mapping (Arrow Gold®, Collector) improved legacy buried-asset records.

New Jersey City Ditches Paper Maps for High-Accuracy Data Collection in ArcGIS Apps

The City of Rahway upgraded from a paper-based workflow to digital GNSS mobile mapping for the city’s sanitary sewer and stormwater systems.

City of Gastonia PUD Looks to the Future of GIS with Valve Exercising

Using Arrow 100 for valve exercising let Two Rivers Utilities add hundreds of valves to their GIS and prepare for tracing on the Esri Utility Network.

COVID-19: Idled Sarasota Employees Contribute with Field Work

When some City of Sarasota employees were temporarily idled by the COVID-19 shutdown, the city found an innovative way to transition them to high-accuracy GIS field work by renting 14 Arrow 100® GNSS receivers.

Midland Co. Maps Flood Damage w/ OHM’s GPS Smart Bike

In this 2020 MiCAMP session, OHM shows how they used a GPS Smart Bike (Arrow GNSS, ArcGIS QuickCapture) to map Midland County flood damage.

Montreal Increases Pesticide Treatment by 6300% Annually

To save its iconic forests from the Emerald Ash Borer, Montreal used Arrow 100 for pesticide control with Collector and iPads, switching from manual tools.

5 Municipalities Using SBAS Corrections for Submeter Accuracy

Browse 5 of our favorite examples of municipalities improving their communities by using SBAS corrections with the Arrow 100®.

What State & Local Government Professionals Say about Eos

Theresa Lancy

“Because the cost and effort involved was fairly minimal, it just made a lot more sense to go ahead and set up our own base station. We also thought there could be other groups in the city that would use this system.”

Theresa Lancy

Water Distribution Supervisor, City of Santa Barbara / CA, United States

Daniel Pilote

“Two years ago, we went with the Arrow 100, and it’s much more accurate than the Garmin. Now, we are sure we will get back to the same tree — at the same exact spot.”

Daniel Pilote

Forestry Technician, City of Montreal / QC, Canada

Meg Gaillard

“We barely ever use paper anymore. We’ve gone completely digital. We’re using our iPads, iPhones, Arrows, and the Esri platform. I don’t know how we would do our job on heritage at-risk sites like Pockoy without being able to use this technology.”

Meg Gaillard

Heritage Trust Archaeologist, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources / SC, United States

Jacqueline Foushee

“We want to migrate completely off our legacy software systems and onto GIS. If we can have the true, absolute locations of all the things we track, then it will be easier for all of us to do our jobs. That’s going to make a real difference.”

Jacqueline Foushee

Former City Engineer and Current City Business Administrator, City of Rahway / NJ, United States

Yousre Odeh

“I have never been more satisfied with the accuracy and convenience of collecting data.”

Yousre Odeh

GIS Technician II, City of Wilmington / DE, United States

Professionals in Action Mapping Municipal Assets

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