Eos Arrow GNSS for Drones and Aerial Surveys

GNSS for Drones & Aerial Surveys

Are you ready to take flight? The use of drones, UAVs, and UAS is one of the most exciting cutting-edge technologies, and it’s becoming more common practice to use drones across a variety of sectors, from local government, utilities and construction to agriculture, vineyards and mining. GNSS receivers from Eos Positioning Systems can provide you with the centimeter-level horizontal and vertical accuracy you need to georeferenced your drone imagery. Keep reading to see why drone pilots across industries are choosing Eos GNSS receivers to set their ground control points (GCPs).

Easy, Repeatable Cm Accuracy

Eos GNSS receivers including the Arrow Gold® and Arrow Gold+™ allow you to maintain repeatable centimeter-level precision, so your drone imagery is georeferenced with extreme accuracy.

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Fly Remote Areas

Even if your work takes place in areas without RTK access, Eos has a solution. Either bring your own Arrow mobile base station or choose from three flexible Atlas® subscriptions.

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Supports Any Drone or App

Our GNSS receivers are completely agnostic. Use them with any drone model and any mobile app for collecting GCPs.

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See how drones are being deployed with Eos GNSS receivers to set GCPs at vineyards and historical sites, for use with augmented reality, and much more.

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Take Flight Knowing Your Accuracy Is Grounded

Setting ground control points (GCPs) with Eos GNSS receivers is as easy as it comes. Simply connect to your RTK or base station, shoot a point at each planned GCP, and take flight. Our GNSS receivers work with any mapping software to provide centimeter-level accuracy, so there’s no question your imagery will be properly georeferenced. Perform aerial surveys to monitor natural resource depletion over time, track construction-site progress, survey stream corridors in remote areas, or any other use case you can think of. If you’re not sure what type of GNSS is required, our global network of resellers is available to discuss your specific projects. Simply fill out a contact form to be connected to your local representative.

Customers Using Eos GNSS Receivers With Drones

Featured Success Story

Foggy Forest

Texas Drone Consultancy Maps Enchanted Rock with UAVs and GNSS

A Texas consultancy provided 3D topo maps and digital elevation models to a park by using Arrow Gold for ground control points, DJI drones & GPS Tracker.

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Even More Drone Case Studies

American Water: Upgrading Data Collection and Drones [A 2022 Esri UC Session]

New Jersey American Water shares how they updated GNSS technology to save money, reduce time spent, and increase accuracy.

Down to the Shore: New Jersey Water Utility Maps a Million Assets with Sub-Inch Accuracy

New Jersey American Water is saving $2.6M per year in OpEx by knowing a million asset locations with survey-grade accuracy.

Mapping Amache Internment Camp with High Accuracy

Arrow Gold for Ground Control Points: Over 110,000 Japanese Americans were interned in WWII. One man is using GIS, GPS, and AR to make sure we remember.

Managing a construction site with UAVs, GNSS and web GIS

See how stakeholders in Texas benefitted from real-time UAV data captured and shared using ArcGIS Drone2Map, ArcGIS Online, and Eos GNSS receivers.

Customer Spotlight: Summer Roberts Pairs Winemaking with GIS

Did you know GIS might be behind your glass of wine? Learn how Summer Roberts uses GNSS to map vineyard properties in California.

ADF Haiti Strengthens Local Farming Initiative with High-Accuracy Mapping

By replacing physical boundary markers with highly accurate digital records, ADF Haiti enabled the deployment of modern machine technologies that improve farmers’ yield while retaining trust.

Customer Spotlight: Mike Markowski Uncovers Archaeology with High-Accuracy GIS

Mike Markowski turns to modern technology to learn about stories of the past. Learn how he uses high-accuracy Arrow 100 GNSS® to uncover archaeology!

Customer Spotlight: Jim Casey combines GIS with philanthropy

In our Sept 2020 customer spotlight, Jim Casey shows us how he is putting his Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver to good use with his drone and AR.

What Drone Professionals Say About Eos

Chris Kahn

“I remember people telling me GNSS would be impossible to scale, that we could never find, no less map, every 100-year-old curb stop. But we’ve shown it was possible in New Jersey, and since then, many more utilities have followed.”

Chris Kahn

Director of Unmanned Aerial Systems & Geospatial Services, American Water / NJ, United States

Summer Roberts

 “We used the Arrow receiver to generate the locations of GCPs when flying a senseFly eBee X drone. The GCPs were then used in the photogrammetry correction process with the program Pix4D Mapper.”

Summer Roberts

GIS Analyst, Jackson Family Wines / CA, United States

Mike Markowski

“We use the Arrow and Fulcrum app combination to capture ground control points (GCPs) for aerial imagery. For example, if the cemetery is marked, usually by a fence or legal survey pin, we will map those points and use them to geo-reference the drone imagery.”

Mike Markowski

Co-Founder, Atlheritage Services Corp. / SK, Canada

Michael Allison

“I can fly a drone survey every quarter for approximately the same price my customers would have had to pay for a single survey using traditional methods.”

Michael Allison

Owner, Raptor Aerial Services / TX, United States

Chris Kahn 2

“I’ve used Arrow GNSS receivers on projects ranging precise monitoring of barrier island coastal geomorphology (which require sub-centimeter ground control and drones), to monitoring Terrapin (turtle) mating patterns for wildlife ecologists.”

Chris Kahn

Founder, AlphaRTK / PA, United States

Jim Casey

“For me, the Eos  Arrow Gold GNSS receiver has been a technology that glues together everything I do (with drones, 3D tools, augmented reality, etc.) with accuracy. The Arrow Gold provides me with RTK accuracy, allowing me to be sure the data quality I collect is highly reliable, so I can focus on other project details.”

Jim Casey

Founder, Mapping Amache / CO, United States

Drone Professionals in Action Mapping with Eos GNSS Receivers

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