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GNSS for Environmental Management, Conservation, and Preservation

Protect endangered species, preserve historically significant artifacts, and encourage the health of the planet with high-accuracy GNSS receivers from Eos Positioning Systems. Our GNSS receivers are used worldwide to protect some of the most significant vulnerable species, ecosystems, and historical sites. Whether you need to improve the basic accuracy and precision of your smartphone and tablets, or if you need centimeter-grade elevation data to monitor elevation and groundwater levels and erosion, we’ve got a model that will work for you. Our submeter GNSS receivers provide an average 30-60 centimeter accuracy out of the box, anywhere in the world. Each receiver is also completely software-agnostic, so you can work with popular third-party applications like the ones listed from our preferred partners, or you can choose any other application that meets your needs.

Eos Arrow GNSS for Environmental and Conservation Mapping

Survey-Grade Accuracy

In most locations where an SBAS is available, our GNSS receivers use free differential corrections signals to provide at least 30-60 cm accuracy. With a base station or RTK network, you can get centimeter-level accuracy. If you’re not sure what’s available in your area, our team is happy to walk through your best options.
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Portable & Rugged

Eos GNSS receivers are rugged, lightweight, and waterproof. With all-day battery, you can carry them through wetlands and other challenging terrain, in the field-gear setup you prefer.
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Supports Any Software

No prior GNSS experience is needed to use an Eos GNSS receiver. It’s as simple as Bluetooth®-pairing the device and beginning to stream positions.
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See how people from all walks of life use Eos GNSS receivers for environmental, conservation, and preservation purposes.
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Accuracy That Can’t Be Argued With

Let’s face it: Environmental management often requires the collaboration of government, private organizations, nonprofits, and myriad other individuals and entities. Making sure everyone agrees on the measurements of flora, landscapes, and other critical features — both today and over time — means having reliable data. With Eos GNSS receivers, you’ll be able to measure X, Y, and Z data down to the centimeter (depending on model), even in remote areas without cell coverage. This means you’ll finally be able to bring irrefutable confidence to the table when discussing how to best manage, conserve, and preserve environmental resources and sites. Moreover, Eos GNSS receivers support any device (e.g., iOS®, Android™, Windows®) via Bluetooth®, and they also work with all third-party mobile applications. So no matter what technology you use in the field, your GNSS receiver will be compatible. We also prioritize ease of use, so that your teams can get up and go whether they are veteran field workers or volunteers. To learn more about specific products and field-gear setups we recommend for your type of work, contact our team today.

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Organizations Using Eos GNSS Receivers for Environmental, Conservation, and Preservation Work

Featured Success Story

Foggy Forest

Terraformation: Combatting Climate Change with Accurate Accountability

Learn how Terraformation is combatting climate change by using high-accuracy GNSS / GIS to increase accountability for global reforestation projects.

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Even More Related GNSS Case Studies

Locating Potential Bat Habitats in Abandoned Mines with GIS

Bat Conservation International locates bat-friendly habitats with a combination of Esri ArcGIS Apps (e.g., Survey123) and Arrow GNSS receivers.

Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island Protects Endangered Hatchlings with GIS

A nonprofit group in South Carolina uses location-based technology to protect sea turtles, so they can safely hatch and go home to the ocean.

Improving Biodiversity with GNSS at Hawaii’s National Tropical Botanical Garden

In Hawaii, NTBG’s staff have turned the gardens and preserves into safe havens for at-risk species. They use high accuracy to track plants.

Customer Spotlight: Amber Kuehn Uses High-Accuracy Maps to Protect Endangered Sea Turtle Nests

The moment Amber Kuehn first laid eyes on a sea turtle, she knew she would be spending her life advocating for them. Learn how she uses Arrow GNSS to protect this endangered species.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada Protects an Endangered Ecosystem

The Nature Conservancy of Canada uses Eos Arrow GNSS receivers to preserve the endangered Garry oak ecosystems and the many unique species they nourish.

Customer Spotlight: Brian Tucker Uses GIS to Conserve Native Hawaiian Tree Species

Using an Arrow 100 GNSS receiver and Esri’s ArcGIS, Brian Tucker helps protect Hawaii’s most abundant native tree from a fungal pathogen.

Customer Spotlight: Scott Denham Navigates Wetlands with Mobile GNSS

Scott Denham uses Arrow GNSS and the Ecobot app for wetlands management projects. Learn what drives Scott to find the most efficient tech.

Irish Org Helps Save Europe’s Last Remaining Bogs with GNSS

Wetland Surveys Ireland tracks the health or sickness of Sphagnnum mosses to influence policy, by using Arrow 100 for vegetation management with Collector.

What Environment, Conservation, and Preservation Professionals Say About Eos

Amber Kuehn

“Without the ability to relocate the previously collected GNSS points, the nest — and hundreds of dollars of equipment — could have been lost entirely.”

Amber Kuehn

Director, Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island / SC, United States

Steve Perry

“I can’t say it enough on how happy I am with the Eos Arrow 100. It has proven itself tenfold on everything I’ve asked it to do.”

Steve Perry

Owner, Sperry Geospatial LLC / CT, United States

Priyesh Patel

“The accuracy of our Arrow 100 receivers was crucial because some mines are clustered closely together. Since the mines follow a common vein of ore, sometimes as close as 3-5 feet, we couldn’t settle for poor accuracy from the built-in GPS chips in our mobile devices. In addition to the inventory data, the Arrow gave us a precise location to navigate the difficult terrain. This experience sold us on Eos Arrow as our go-to units.”

Priyesh Patel

Geospatial Products and Data Manager, Bat Conservation International / OR, United States

Larry White

“One aspect of the Eos product that really appealed to me was that it was a one-time purchase. No need to add a bunch of accessories to make the system functional, and no requirement for an ongoing subscription service. That made the decision easy to acquire the Arrow. This would also appeal to any organization that never knows whether grant money will be available from one year to the next.”

Larry White

Volunteer Site Supervisor, Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve, The Nature Conservancy of Canada / BC, Canada

Meg Gaillard

“We barely ever use paper anymore. We’ve gone completely digital. We’re using our iPads, iPhones, Arrows, and the Esri platform. I don’t know how we would do our job on heritage at-risk sites like Pockoy without being able to use this technology.”

Meg Gaillard

Heritage Trust Archaeologist, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources / SC, United States

Scott Denham

“The Arrow Gold fits right into a backpack really easily, and we’ve had great reception, even in tree canopy. We’ve been able to move, use our hands and a clipboard at the same time, and walk around.” 

Scott Denham

Wetlands and Permitting Manager, Environmental Solutions & Innovations / OH, United States

Jim Casey

“In every experience that I’ve had with Eos, they have done their very best to help me be successful in the work that I’m doing. They made it all about me, and have helped me learn and do so much more than I could have otherwise.”

Jim Casey

Founder, Mapping Amache / CO, United States

Brian Tucker

“I can’t emphasize enough the ease of [the Arrow 100+], of how it pairs with Esri’s Field Maps app. You have the mapping interface combined with the ability to collect data. Having that dual functionality, that is really powerful.”

Brian Tucker

GIS Specialist, Terraformation / HI, United States

Scott Denham

“My GIS department and myself have had numerous meetings with the Eos staff. They have taken the time to help us set up our accuracy and maximize our equipment’s potential. They have been very helpful, and this has been a key to our company’s success.”

Scott Denham

Wetlands and Permitting Manager, Environmental Solutions & Innovations / OH, United States

David Gigliotti

“I cannot emphasize enough how extremely supportive Eos resellers have been in both the purchase and implementation of this technology at The DDS Companies. In my opinion, they have gone above and beyond to help with any technical issues we have encountered ensuring the success of our projects.”

David Gigliotti

Project Manager, The DDS Companies / NY, United States

Dr. Patrick Crushell

“Having accurate information is important to provide the evidence base required to convince the policy makers we need to conserve these last remaining areas.”

Dr. Patrick Crushell

(Former) Director and Senior Consultant, Wetland Surveys Ireland / KY, Ireland

Professionals Mapping Projects for Environmental Management, Conservation, and Preservation

Recommended GNSS Hardware and Software for Environmental Management, Conservation, and Preservation

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