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Affordable GPS for Nonprofit and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Your communities rely on your work, so you need to be able to rely on your GPS provider. Eos Positioning Systems wants to help you identify the best-value GNSS receiver for your budgetary and accuracy needs. Whether you’re brand-new to mobile mapping or a seasoned GNSS expert with specific needs, our team is equipped to help. Our network of experts are standing by worldwide and can assist you in specific questions pertaining to accuracy, pricing, software and device compatibility, field-gear setups, and more.

Eos Arrow GNSS Industry Nonprofit Cutout

Survey-Grade Accuracy

In most locations where an SBAS is available, our GNSS receivers use free differential corrections signals to provide at least 30-60 cm accuracy. In some areas with access to a base station or RTK network, you can get centimeter-level accuracy. If you’re not sure what’s available in your area, contact our team. We can walk through your best options.
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Supports Rugged and Remote Working Environments

Important field work often takes place in rugged and remote environments. All Eos hardware is ruggedized and waterproof, and we have options for achieving high-accuracy in remote locations from the desert to the tundra. We can also help you identify the most practical gear to take with you.
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Supports Any Software

Your nonprofit has a lot of software to choose from. Eos GNSS receivers are designed to support it all, from third-party software to in-house applications. Browse our most popular technology partners, or contact us for a personalized recommendation.
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One Time Cost

Eos hardware contains no surprise subscription fees. It’s that simple.
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Work that Matters

Eos is proud to support nonprofit organizations. Worldwide, Eos GNSS receivers have been used to help calculate agricultural yield distributions in Haiti, monitor biodiverse gardens in Hawaii, inform Irish policymakers about bog health, locate ancient buried monasteries in Sweden, track sea turtle nesting and erosion on the Atlantic coast, and so much more. Whether you are working toward a better global future, or helping to preserve our collective past, Eos would like to help. Our team would be honored to walk with you through your high-accuracy journey, and our experts are committed to finding you the most accurate and budget-conscience device for your important work.

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Nonprofit Organizations Using Eos GNSS Technology

Featured GNSS Success Story

Foggy Forest

ADF Haiti Strengthens Local Farming Initiative with High-Accuracy Mapping

By replacing physical boundary markers with highly accurate digital records, ADF Haiti enabled the deployment of modern machine technologies that improve farmers' yield while retaining trust.

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Even More Nonprofit GNSS Case Studies

Locating Potential Bat Habitats in Abandoned Mines with GIS

Bat Conservation International locates bat-friendly habitats with a combination of Esri ArcGIS Apps (e.g., Survey123) and Arrow GNSS receivers.

Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island Protects Endangered Hatchlings with GIS

A nonprofit group in South Carolina uses location-based technology to protect sea turtles, so they can safely hatch and go home to the ocean.

Haiti Outreach Transforms Water Access with High-Accuracy Maps

Neil Van Dine and Jean-Yves Lauture explain how Haiti Outreach uses Arrow GNSS and spatial software to transform the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation.

Customer Spotlight: Josiah Thomas betters his community with GNSS

Customer Spotlight: Josiah Thomas uses Arrow Gold and ArcGIS Collector to mark farmland, through his nonprofit ADF Haiti, across the Haitian island.

Improving Biodiversity with GNSS at Hawaii’s National Tropical Botanical Garden

In Hawaii, NTBG’s staff have turned the gardens and preserves into safe havens for at-risk species. They use high accuracy to track plants.

Mapping Amache Internment Camp with High Accuracy

Arrow Gold for Ground Control Points: Over 110,000 Japanese Americans were interned in WWII. One man is using GIS, GPS, and AR to make sure we remember.

Customer Spotlight: Jim Casey combines GIS with philanthropy

In our Sept 2020 customer spotlight, Jim Casey shows us how he is putting his Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver to good use with his drone and AR.

Slipping Seaside: Preserving Florida’s Past By Mapping Erosion with GNSS

FPAN archaeologists and volunteers map historical sites and coastal erosion (in 3D!) to quantify erosion rates as Florida’s sea levels rise.

What Nonprofit Professionals Say About Eos


“For a farm cooperative, the size of land parcels helps redistribute the harvest. This is where the Arrow Gold® receiver is critical. Knowing the accuracy of each point is crucial to our needs, and the Arrow Gold® lets us do that smoothly.”

Josiah Thomas

CEO, ADF Haiti


“Connecting the Arrow Gold® to my iPad® via Bluetooth® and using ArcGIS is such a simple setup. Training a new user to use an Arrow Gold® couldn’t be much easier.”

Jim Casey

Founder, Mapping Amache


“One aspect of the Eos product that really appealed to me was that it was a one-time purchase. No need to add a bunch of accessories to make the system functional, and no requirement for an ongoing subscription service. That made the decision easy to acquire the Arrow. This would also appeal to any organization that never knows whether grant money will be available from one year to the next.”

Larry White

Volunteer Site Supervisor, Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve, The Nature Conservancy of Canada


“It was important that the process be streamlined, because our goal is to empower our customers to manage their assets as much as possible. A lot of our co-op communities invest in a GPS data collection system themselves and want to add data later on.”

Laura Schuch

GIS Analyst, Great Lakes RCAP


“We use high-accuracy GNSS to mark turtle nests, watch for hatching activity, and collect corresponding data. Now, even if storms or beachgoers disrupt the marker poles or flagging tape, we can navigate back to the exact nest locations.”

Amber Kuehn

Director, Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island


“We appreciate the amount of attention the company gives to us and our needs. We always feel the team is earnestly concerned about our needs, and our needs are always met quickly. It is impressive to have a good product as well as a good support team behind it.”

Josiah Thomas

CEO, ADF Haiti


“In every experience that I’ve had with Eos, they have done their very best to help me be successful in the work that I’m doing. They made it all about me, and have helped me learn and do so much more than I could have otherwise.”

Jim Casey

Founder, Mapping Amache

Nonprofit Organizations In Action With Eos GNSS

Recommended GNSS Hardware and Software for Nonprofit Organizations

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