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March 2017 Newsletter: 4-Constellation GNSS for Submeter Mapping

eos-tools-pro-march-2017Just what are the four constellations (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou) for sub-meter GNSS mapping? 

Sub-meter GNSS mapping has come a long way since WAAS/SBAS was introduced 14 years ago. At that time, it was just GPS. Glonass was still recovering from perestroika and in rebuild mode so in impaired environments like tree canopy, urban canyons and rugged terrain, GPS receivers had a tough time tracking enough satellites, not to mention tracking the WAAS/SBAS correction satellites.

My, how times have changed!

In this article from the March 2017 Eos Positioning Systems newsletter, Eos offers a comprehensive and visual overview and analysis of the four constellations available worldwide and how you can exploit them in your current technology. Learn all about the four constellations and how you can use them with your GNSS receivers in the feature article here.

Al’s Corner – Technical Tips

Hi… My name is Alvaro and I am the Technical Support Manager at Eos Positioning Systems. I am inviting you to visit our Learning Center on our web site for useful technical information, how-to’s and video tutorials. This section will be updated regularly with new material. Any question? please do not hesitate to contact our technical support center.

This month I am inviting you to update (free of charge) your Arrow 100 GNSS receiver’s firmware to take advantage of the new Galileo constellation. Please fill out the support contact form with at least one Arrow 100 serial number to receive the firmware update instructions.

For our European users, make note of the EGNOS PRN changes in the “Eos Latest News” below. No action is required as your Arrow receiver will track and use the new PRN #123 automatically.

Tutorial Video

Pairing Eos Arrow receivers with iOS devices via Bluetooth


Configuring Esri’s Collector 10.4 on Windows with your Arrow

This “how-to” document highlights the major steps involved in configuring Esri Collector 10.4 for Windows to work flawlessly with our Arrow series receivers: Configuring Esri’s Collector 10.4 on Windows.

Eos Latest News from the Eos March 2017 Issue

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