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November 2018 Newsletter: Students Save City Thousands

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Halifax Students Ensure the Replacement of $270,000 Worth of Trees Under Warranty by Using Spatial Inventory and the Arrow 100

Halifax Students Identify $270,000 of Trees for Replacement

Enforcing a warranty period was nearly impossible without a spatial inventory of newly planted trees. But with the help of Dalhousie University researchers (using ArcGIS Collector & Arrow 100), Halifax Regional Municipality found a solution. Read more …

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Orthometric height setup python script in ArcGIS

Eos Announces Geoid Height Support For Arrow

In case you missed it:

A new version of Eos Tools Pro for iOS® and Android supports Canadian and U.S. GEOID models. So now you can collect real-time orthometric heights with Arrow receivers.

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Why geospatial information matters

“You cannot manage that what you cannot count, you cannot count that what you cannot locate,” Dr Derek Clark, a South Africa government official once said on a forum.

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Eos Newsletter November 2018: GEOID height solution page

Collect Survey-Grade Vertical Data with Any Software Using Arrow

In the excitement of releasing our first real-time GEOID height solution for Arrow, we’ve put together this solution page. Browse the GEOID resources we’ve published so far and bookmark the page so you can check back as we add more videos, announcements, and articles.

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Eos Newsletter November 2018: GNSS Constellations Update
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Laser Offset for Esri ArcGIS, LTI Laser Tech, Eos Positioning Systems, GPS, GNSS, high accuracy laser GIS ArcGIS Eos Laser Mapping for ArcGIS Field Maps

PDF: How to Configure ArcGIS, Collector, and Eos Tools Pro for Laser Offset Mapping, and Orthometric Height

This guide shows Arrow users how to get get started collecting both geoid height (real-time orthometric height) and laser offsets in ArcGIS Collector.

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Eos Newsletter November 2018: Orthometric Height Video for Collector for ArcGIS

VIDEO: How to Use Real-Time Geoid Height with Arrow and Esri’s ArcGIS Collector

To follow along you’ll need an Arrow receiver and the latest versions of Collector and Eos Tools Pro.

Watch Now (3 minutes) …

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