Eos Arrow August 2019 Newsletter- Lions, Tigers and Bears GPS GNSS GIS

August 2019 Newsletter: Lions, Tigers and Bears

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Eos Arrow August 2019 Newsletter- Lions, Tigers and Bears GPS GNSS GIS

Seattle Zoo Builds Basemap Around Lions, Tigers, and Bears Using Arrow GNSS, Collector & LTI Rangefinder

Woodland Park Zoo is bringing 120 years of infrastructure and gardens into a single set of maps, thanks to a “laser mapping with ArcGIS Collector” solution from Eos, Esri and Laser Technology, Inc.

Read the full Woodland Park Zoo story here >>>

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Video Case Study: Woodland Park Zoo

Go behind the scenes at the Zoo with Lead Gardener Dann Block, who explains how he mapped assets in challenging areas, including a lion’s den!
Watch the video (15m) …

Arrow 100 for Infrastructure Mapping - Northern Forest Eos Success Story, Case Study, Maine, Water Districts

Maine Consultancy Helps Small Systems Plan for the Future

Don’t let the name fool you! Northern Forests, LLC is helpingwater districts capture infrastructure with Esri Survey123 and Arrow.
Read why and how …

Pipeline SPOT tracker app

Eos Welcomes SPOT

Our newest partner, SPOT, provide an iOS® field application for pipeline and utility applications. Get tracking and tracing with simple user interfaces for inspections, as-builting and more — all with cm accuracy!
See how SPOT works with Arrow …

Collector ArcGIS mapping Eos GNSS

ArcGIS Collector – Useful Links

Last month, Esri published a comprehensive guide of helpful links for video, tutorial, and blog resources for Collector.
Browse the helpful links …

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Browse technical tips from Eos Technical Support Manager Alvaro

Ask Al your own question here.

A Note on iOS 12.4

We have tested the recent iOS 12.4 release with our Arrow receivers, and we can confirm that there is no known issue with this release. It is safe to upgrade your device to iOS 12.4. As for companies with enterprise deployment of iOS, we always recommend to test the upgrade on a few devices first before fully deploying to all users.

Current GNSS Constellation Status:

GNSS constellation status August 2019 GPS Galileo BeiDou GLONASS
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[VIDEO] What’s New in High-Accuracy GNSS for Esri Mobile Apps?

Three mobile GNSS and data-collection experts tell you what’s new — and what’s coming — in submeter/cm mobile workflows.
Watch the video (40m) …

Laser Offset for Esri ArcGIS, LTI Laser Tech, Eos Positioning Systems, GPS, GNSS, high accuracy laser GIS ArcGIS Eos Laser Mapping for ArcGIS Field Maps

[PDF] How to Get Started with Laser Mapping

You’ll need an Eos Arrow GNSS receiver, Esri Collector, an LTI laser rangefinder, and iOS device.
View the PDF …