Eos Arrow January 2019 Newsletter- Interview with our CTO GPS GNSS GIS

January 2019 Newsletter: Interview with our CTO

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David Foster presenting use cases for high accuracy GNSS data collection with Esri ArcGIS at Esri Canada UC

Managing Halifax’s Urban Forestry with Eos Arrow 100 and Esri ArcGIS Collector

Last year, David Foster showed how a group of student interns, university researchers, and municipal employees were able to hold contractors responsible for nearly $300,000 in warranty-covered tree replacements. In this 20-minute video, Foster presents his work at last year’s Esri Canada UC. Watch the video …

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news - history of eos

Interview with Eos Positioning Systems

Journal La Revue de Terrebonne sent a reporter to learn how Eos went from local startup to one of the world’s leading manufacturer of GPS/GNSS receivers. Learn how Eos made high accuracy accessible. Read more …


Update at INTERGEO, a GPS World Interview [VIDEO]

Did you make it to INTERGEO last year? If not, GPS World interviewed Eos, who explained two new Arrow solutions: Laser offset mapping and geoid model support for real-time 3d survey-grade data collection. Watch the video …

news - collector MGISS how to

How Do You Install Your GNSS Receiver & Deploy Collector? [VIDEO]

From our friends at MGISS UK, learn how to connect, mount, and start using your Arrow Series GNSS receiver with Esri ArcGIS Collector on Android. (3 minutes) Watch the video …

news - gis cafe trends

What GIS Professionals Can Expect from GNSS in 2019 

In this GIS Café article, Eos CTO Jean-Yves Lauture explains five trends for 2019. See how low-cost smart devices have shifted the field accuracy mentality, and learn what to expect for Augmented Reality and real-time survey-grade data. Read more …

GPS III: GO for Launch, from Space & Missile Center Los Angeles AFB, Video (3 minutes)
Why we like it: This new generation of GPS satellites sets the stage for more powerful Arrow capabilities
Collect and Manage Vineyard Data, from Elvis Takow (Esri)
Why we like it: Elvis shows how precision agriculture benefits from high-accuracy field data

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als corner - ortho in aurora

How to Record Orthometric Heights in Esri Collector Aurora (v18.1.0)

It is now possible to record orthometric heights in real time, without the need for post-processing! This guide will show you how create your a feature class that is Z-enabled in ArcGIS Desktop/ArcGIS Pro and configure Eos Tools Pro to send orthometric heights in real time to Collector v18.1.0. Get started with Z value …

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Orthometric heights in Collector Aurora Esri ArcGIS

How to Record Orthometric Heights in Esri Collector Aurora (v18.1.0)

In response to requests for information about logging real-time orthometric heights in the new Esri Collector Aurora (v18.1.0), we relesed this 4-minute how-to video. Watch the video …

pdf - ortho in aurora

How to Record Orthometric Heights in Esri Collector Aurora (v.18.1.0)

Download, save and print this screenshot-rich PDF guide as you begin to collect real-time orthometric heights with your Arrow GNSS receiver and Esri ArcGIS Collector.

Get the PDF …

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