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Beyond the Tide: Tracking California’s Coastal Change with High-Accuracy Maps

Collecting data with the Arrow Gold GNSS receiver, ArcGIS Field Maps, and iPhone for tracking coastline along the California coast, sand dune mapping, and beach ecology study

To enable more accurate predictions about sea level rise, Dr. Kyle Emery is piloting a drone, GNSS, GIS, and satellite imagery workflow.

Customer Spotlight: Revisiting David Malm at the 2023 Esri UC

David Malm of Bolton & Menk Interviews at the Esri UC about Eos Arrow GNSS and High Accuracy GIS for Mapping City Infrastructure

Hear how David Malm maps city infrastructure with high-accuracy GNSS in this exclusive video interview!

Do Giant Tortoises Make Good Neighbors?

Using Eos GNSS and Galileo HAS in the Galápagos to analyze the impact of new species on Santa Fe Island

Charles Lehnen uses brand-new Galileo HAS corrections with the Arrow Gold+ in the Galápagos archipelago. His work will study Santa Fe Island’s rewilding.

Building Confidence at Cassatt Water with Valid Valve Locations

Cassatt Water's Water Quality Manager John Bowers maps a valve with sub-inch accuracy using an Arrow Gold+ receiver, iPad, and ArcGIS Field Maps.

Cassatt Water prepares for the next generation of field workers by adopting ArcGIS with a survey-grade Arrow Gold+ GNSS receiver—moving away from mapbooks.

Customer Spotlight: David Malm Empowers Clients with Accuracy at Bolton & Menk

David Malm Empowers Clients with Accuracy at Bolton & Menk

David provides community infrastructure solutions to municipalities using high-accuracy GNSS and GIS technologies.