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February 2022 Newsletter: GPS Helps BCI Locate Promising Habitats

Feature Story

/// Where the Bats Go

Bat Conservation International Uses Arrow GNSS - Entering Cave with GIS Data Collection Setup (Photo Credit Bill Hatcher)

To locate potential bat habitats in abandoned mines, Bat Conservation International employs a new high-accuracy GIS-based workflow using Esri ArcGIS apps (ArcGIS Survey123, ArcGIS Field Maps & ArcGIS Collector) and Arrow 100 GNSS. After surveying hundreds of mining-related features, the team has identified a handful of potential habitats—which emphasizes how difficult and critical it is for bats to thrive in unprotected areas.

Read BCI’s full story, originally published in Esri ArcNews >

Industry News

Eos Bridge Bluetooth Connector GPS GIS GNSS

Bridging the Gap with the Eos Bridge™: Bluetooth® GPS Connector
By Spatial Source
In case you missed it, Spatial Source recently featured the new Eos Bridge™. The Eos Bridge™ makes 3rd party sensors Bluetooth® compatible to iOS® and non-iOS devices (must be paired to an Arrow).

Read their post >

Eos Positioning Systems Arrow production GNSS GPS receivers

Eos Celebrates its 8th Anniversary

On February 12, Eos celebrated its 8th anniversary. In this never-before-seen throwback image, Chief Technical Officer Jean-Yves Lauture and Production Lead Bilal Elie work on the first assembly of Arrow GNSS receivers!

Learn more about Eos’ history >

Russia expected to ditch GLONASS for Loran in Ukraine invasion
By Tracy Cozzens, GPS World
As the situation in Ukraine unfolds, some experts predict Russia might jam GNSS signals and use their Russia-owned Loran stations instead.

Learn more >

Al’s Corner: Technical Tips

Important Benefit of the Windows 11 Upgrade for Windows Device Users
The new Windows 11 operating system supports higher-resolution estimated accuracy values (which are reported by the device’s GeoLocation). Previously, in Windows 10, estimated accuracy was limited to integer-only values. This meant that applications storing estimated accuracies from Arrow GNSS receivers could not store submeter and centimeter-level values. (They would be rounded to 1m no matter if the resolution was much more accurate.) The new Windows 11 solves this. Now, applications such as ArcGIS Collector on Windows, which receive its coordinates from the Windows GeoLocation, finally support access to horizontal and vertical accuracy estimates down to the millimeter resolution.

Mapit Spatial Data GNSS Data Collection with Eos Arrow

Eos Welcomes Mapit Spatial in February

Eos is pleased to welcome Mapit Spatial as a supported partner app. Mapit Spatial is a powerful multilingual spatial surveying app for Android devices.

Learn more about Mapit Spatial >

Current GNSS constellation status for February 18, 2022:

GNSS constellation February 2022 GPS Galileo BeiDou GLONASS satellites

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight Zack Henry Customer Spotlight Hero Image - Using Eos Arrow Gold GNSS for High-Accuracy GIS with Encepta

Customer Spotlight: Zack Henry Helps Customers Succeed

As a Field Services Technician at Encepta, Zack Henry uses Arrow Gold with ArcGIS Field Maps to perform survey-grade data collection for utilities. When his clients succeed, Zack succeeds.

Get to Know Zack Henry >

Upcoming Events

ITA Showcase Northwest Event Portland Oregon Eos Positioning Systems GNSS

ITA Showcase Northwest
March 15-16 | Portland, OR

Eos will demonstrate a variety of survey-grade mapping solutions for utilities. You can also join our underground utility mapping session on March 16.

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Nevada Rural Water Association Conference Event with Eos Positioning Systems GNSS

Nevada Rural Water Association
March 22-24 | Sparks, NV

Join Eos and Esri at the NvRWA event in Sparks, Nv. Each day you can catch an informative high-accuracy mapping session or workshop.

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Pennsylvania Rural Water Association Conference Event with Eos Positioning Systems GNSS

Penn. Rural Water Association
March 22-24 | College Station, PA

Join Eos and Esri at the PRWA event in College Station, PA. Ask GIS and GNSS experts from each company about all your high-accuracy mapping needs!

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Midwest Esri Utility User Group Conference Minnesota MW EUUG 2022

Midwestern Esri Utility User Group
March 23-25 | Rochester, MN

Join Eos at the MW EUUG in Rochester, MN. Our GNSS expert will be available for questions and will give a session about using 3D survey-grade RTK receivers at utilities in the region.

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VAMLIS Virginia Conference Event Logo Eos Positioning Systems GNSS

Virginia GeoCon
March 29-30, 2022 | Richmond, VA

Join an Eos representative at VAMLIS. Our local representative will demonstrate how to deploy high-accuracy mobile mapping with GNSS and GIS at your organization.

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