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FieldPro is the mobile app component of an enterprise utility GIS solution made by Eos partner Futura Systems, Inc. FieldPro includes a module called FieldPro Stake (among others), which can be used with high-accuracy Arrow Series® GNSS receivers. FieldPro Stake is a popular field staking solution among North American rural electric cooperatives. When combined with high-accuracy Eos Arrow GNSS receivers, Futura’s FieldPro Stake module enables utility crews to effectively and accurately update the office with live staking updates.

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Esri Aligned

Both Futura and Eos are designed to work with Esri ArcGIS databases.

Simplify Field Staking

Bring your designs into the field to perform accurate adjustments in real time.

Utility Centric Solution

Arrow GNSS receivers offer the accuracy required for utility crews, while FieldPro provides useful, industry-specific tools.

Futura FieldPro Stake GNSS GPS GIS Eos Arrow data collection

Work Offline

Both Eos Arrow GNSS receivers and FieldPro can work in offline environments.

Advanced GPS Tools

FieldPro’s GPS features let you measure, inspect, trace, and even zoom to any GPS location.

Modern Features

Futura is constantly using customer feedback to improve FieldPro, which makes this an evolving, modern solution.

What We Like about this Partner App: FieldPro

iOS Optimized

FieldPro is an iOS®-only app. It works with all models of Arrow GNSS receivers. 

Map Based

FieldPro is a highly visual app, which can transform your mobile efficiency when paired with high-accuracy GNSS.

Great Support

Eos customers rave about the support they receive from Futura, making FieldPro an app Eos can confidently recommend.

Partnering for Co-Operatives

Futura and Eos partner together to ensure your cooperative is able to easily and accurately map, measure, and modify planned and existing assets right in the field. FieldPro Stake and Arrow GNSS receivers provide a complete mobile solution that allows you to serve your members and employees with great service, established on a foundation of reliable data.

Arrow Gold for Field Staking: TCEC Improves Customer Service with Real-Time ArcGIS Access via Futura GIS; Eos Positioning Systems case study - TRI COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE TCEC in TEXAS uses Eos Arrow Gold and Arrow 200 for field staking of electric construction sites with Futura Systems' FieldPro staking app on iOS; shown here is part of the TCEC team performing field staking

Success Stories with Arrow GNSS and FieldPro

Foggy Forest

Texas Co-op Improves Customer Service with Futura and Arrow

Real-time access to enterprise ArcGIS via Futura & FieldPro helped TCEC achieve 4-hour as-builting. They used Arrow Gold for field staking GNSS locations.

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What Customers Say about Arrow GNSS and FieldPro

We did our due diligence in researching the Eos Arrow GNSS receivers. What it came down to was the Arrow’s ease of use with Futura’s FieldPro mobile app, and their dedicated customer support.

CTO, Tri-County Electric Cooperative

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