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Eos Arrow GNSS Partner Mapit Spatial

Mapit Spatial is a GIS data collection app made by Eos partner and U.K. company Mapit GIS Ltd. Mapit Spatial is a powerful mobile app that can be used for spatial surveying, data collection and data management on Android devices. The Mapit Spatial app is a professional, stand-alone, cost-effective mapping and surveying tool. It is designed to enhance field productivity, supports common file formats for input and output, and is fully compatible with Arrow Series® GNSS receivers to provide centimeter-level accuracy. This combination of powerful, spatial data capture and high accuracy lets you design your own survey forms, organize data layers, use GPS tracking, and record GNSS metadata. The Mapit Spatial app is widely used worldwide, often adopted for uses such as agriculture, forestry, road construction, geology, land surveying, and solar panel solutions. Personalized settings and flexibility make this app fit for your work purposes. The Mapit Spatial app can be used with Eos Arrow GNSS receivers on Android.

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Collect Assets Spatially

Mapit Spatial is a spatially smart and location-based data collection app.

Use GPS Tracking

With GPS tracking (which requires their Mapit Pro extension), you can easily capture highly accurate line and polygon features. Just press the button, and a background service will start and new points will be automatically added to your feature as you move forward.

Monitor GNSS Metadata

The app has a “ScreenGPS Status” information window that lets you monitor GNSS and RTK performance in real time.

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Easily Connect to Arrow

Mapit Spatial offers a number of ways to connect to Arrow GNSS receivers, including directly via Bluetooth®, as well as reading Eos Tools Pro using Mock Location or TCP on Android.

Perform GPS Surveys

Mapit Spatial supports Arrow GNSS receiver locations and metadata so you can get centimeter-level accuracy in real-time.

Export GPS Metadata

Mapit Spatial allows you to export GNSS metadata such as HDOP, VDOP, PDOP, HRMS, and VRMS with point layers.

What We Like about this Partner App: Mapit Spatial

Supports Many Languages

Mapit Spatial is available in many languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Dutch, and Chinese.

Supports All Accuracy Levels

You can use Mapit Spatial with any Arrow GNSS model for either submeter, subfoot, or centimeter-level accuracy.

Standalone App

Mapit Spatial can be purchased once and requires no subscription fees.

Precise GIS Surveying

Mapit Spatial is optimized for GPS information such as HDOP, VDOP, PDOP, VRMS, HRMS, Correction Station ID, Correction Age, and more. GNSS metadata can be included with POINT layers and this can be enabled in “Survey Settings.” In addition, users can monitor current GNSS performance, as well as information specific (e.g., RTK-corrected coordinates) to external GNSS receivers like the Arrow Series®. In theory Mapit Spatial can be connected to any Bluetooth® or TCP-enabled device streaming the data using NMEA standard, and for years this has been already proven with the Arrow Series®. If the device is capable of streaming RTK corrected coordinates you will get centimeter accuracy and all GNSS metadata statistics displayed and recorded by Mapit Spatial.

On top of the standard (direct) connections via Bluetooth, Mapit can receive location data from Arrow GNSS receivers via Eos Tools Pro’s TCP server or on Mock Location. These can be the source of the GNSS location for your Android device. Since version 6.0.0 Mapit Spatial is able to use an innate dedicated NTRIP client which uses the RTKLIB engine to provide RTK corrected solutions. To connect to an external Arrow GNSS device, all you must do is go to Mapit Spatial’s “Settings”, navigate to “External GNSS” and switch it on.

Eos Arrow GNSS Partner Mapit Spatial GIS data collection app for construction

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