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About TerraGo

TerraGo develops software applications and mobile apps that make it easy for our customers to collect, share and collaborate with location-based data to improve efficiency and decision making. From sharing feature-rich maps and imagery to deploying on-demand apps for a mobile workforce, TerraGo builds intuitive products that enable collaboration from any place on the planet. The TerraGo app for Eos is TerraGo Edge.


About the App: TerraGo Edge

TerraGo Edge is a mobile, cloud-based platform that combines intelligent, responsive smart forms for data collection with and advanced GPS integration. This improves the speed, quality and efficiency for your field teams performing asset inspections, land surveys and other location-based field data collection projects. TerraGo Edge integrates seamlessly with ArcGIS®, ArcGIS Online® and other leading geospatial systems. It works in both online and offline modes with both smartphones and tablets. TerraGo Edge fully supports all Arrow Series receivers ensuring that iOS and Android users have complete access to valuable GNSS metadata that is vital to high-accuracy GIS field data collection. Learn more about TerraGo Edge here.


Apple compatibility
Android compatibility

Customer Spotlight:

Enmapp for Pipeline Exploration

“The hardware savings are enormous with the new GPS kit at less than $10,000, compared to the old kit, which was over $70,000. But the ongoing reduction of labor costs is even more valuable over time.”
— Lance Fugate, Program Manager, Enmapp



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For technical support, questions about how this app works with GNSS receivers, configuration, feedback, or more, please contact Eos support. Someone will respond to you within 24 hours during normal business days.

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