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Eos Positioning Systems expands Arrow Series® with subfoot Arrow 100® GNSS receiver

MONTREAL, CANADA — Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc. (Eos), the world’s leading manufacturer of affordable high-accuracy GNSS receivers for the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) market, announced today the release of the Arrow 100®. This expand’s the company’s innovative product line of high-accuracy Bluetooth® GNSS receivers: the Arrow Series®.

The Arrow 100® is Eos’s real-time, submeter and subfoot receiver that utilizes GNSS satellites from both the GPS and GLONASS constellations, as well as being expandable to Galileo, Beidou and QZSS. By offering superior tracking under tree canopy, around buildings and in rugged terrain, the Arrow 100® sets a new performance standard for sub-meter GNSS receivers.

“After spending more than 12 years designing high-accuracy Bluetooth® GNSS receivers, Eos has set the new standard for high-accuracy. With the the Arrow 100®, users can access submeter and subfoot GNSS accuracy, no matter if they are using an iOS®, Android, or Windows-based device.”

— Jean-Yves Lauture, CTO, Eos

Lauture is the “father of high-accuracy Bluetooth® GNSS.” He designed the pioneering SXBlue series product line that resulted in thousands of receivers being fielded for more than a decade.

More About the Arrow Series® and the Arrow 100® Subfoot GNSS Receiver

The Arrow Series® are a set of high-accuracy GNSS receivers supporting real-time field positioning at the submeter to centimeter level. They are compatible with all smartphones and tablet computers, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Mobile, through Bluetooth®.

In addition to supporting SBAS in North/Central America, Europe, Northern Africa, Japan, India and Russia, the Arrow 100® also supports OmniSTAR’s world-wide, real-time sub-meter service.

Eos’s entry level product, the Arrow Lite®, had previously set a new standard for submeter GPS at an affordable entry point.

“You won’t find a better value for a high-accuracy, submeter GPS receiver that’s Bluetooth® compatible to work on any device.”

— Jean-Yves Lauture, CTO, Eos

The most advanced Arrow receiver, to be released soon, is the Arrow 200®, a dual frequency, multi-constellation RTK GNSS receiver capable of centimeter accuracy in real-time.

The Arrow 200® will be the first iOS-compatible RTK and OmniSTAR receiver in the world that works with all models of iPad®s and iPhone®s via wireless Bluetooth® connection. An iOS NTRIP app that allows the user to log into any RTK network is also available. The Arrow 200® will provide state-of-the-art RTK performance for years to come because it supports current and future satellite constellations: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS. It also supports OmniSTAR’s G2, XP and HP real-time world-wide decimeter services.


Thanks to universal Bluetooth® connectivity, a user can interface with any brand of smartphone or tablet, whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows-based.

“The Arrow receivers can communicate up to one kilometer from the mobile device,” Lauture said.

In addition, Arrow Series® receivers have been optimized to run all day on battery power. The battery pack is field-replaceable and rechargeable separately. It contains smart charging logic, so special and expensive battery chargers are not needed.

Moreover, all Arrow Series® receivers have been designed to meet IP-67 specifications for immersion in water. They are completely dust-proof, to survive in the harshest environments.

The Arrow Series® receiver product line is targeted at professionals in the mapping and GIS communities who require high-accuracy location in the environmental, agricultural, utility (e.g., electric, gas, water), pipeline, archeological, surveying, machine-control, government (i.e., federal, state, provincial, local), and other sectors.

More advanced Arrow Series® receivers are being introduced and will employ dual frequency and multi-constellation tracking for all current constellations (e.g., GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS). This enables fast centimeter RTK performance.

About Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.

Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc. (Eos) designs and manufactures the world’s premier, high-accuracy GPS / GNSS receivers for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market. The Arrow Series® receivers feed submeter, subfoot and centimeter RTK GPS / GNSS location data to any iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Mobile device. Free Eos software utilities, such as Eos Tools Pro, were designed to provide users with the smoothest experience of integrating high-accuracy location data and metadata into their mobile workflows. Learn more about Eos here.