ArcGIS Collector 10.4 supports Arrow high accuracy GNSS receivers submeter centimeter mapping
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Eos Positioning Systems confirms Esri ArcGIS Collector 10.4 supports Arrow GNSS receivers

The latest 10.4 release supports Submeter and RTK for ArcGIS Collector thanks to support for the Eos Arrow Series®

MONTREAL, CAN. — Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc. (Eos), the leading global manufacturer of affordable high-accuracy GNSS receivers for the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) market, announced today the Arrow Series® full compatibility with Esri’s ArcGIS Collector 10.4 release running on iPad®s and iPhone®s.

“We have tested the Arrow receivers and confirmed that Collector [10.4 for iOS®] is completely compatible with the Arrow Series®.

— Jeff Shaner, Product Manager, Esri

The Arrow Series® are a set of high-accuracy GNSS receivers supporting real-time field positioning at the submeter to centimeter level. Arrow Series® devices have been tested and certified as high-accuracy GNSS receivers compatible with Collector 10.4.0 for iOS.

The full range of Arrow Series® receivers — from sub-meter to centimeter, with RTK accuracy — all work flawlessly with Collector 10.4.0 for iOS (must have iOS 8.x or later). The Collector app displays GNSS metadata (e.g., estimated accuracy, correction status, correction age, number of satellites used) in real-time, so the user can monitor data quality in the field. This eliminates the need to check data quality once back in the office and, in effect, return to the field to re-collect low-quality data.

“We worked closely with Esri during their development of Collector to ensure the best user experience with the Arrow Series® receivers. And I think we’ve achieved that.”

— Jean-Yves Lauture, CTO, Eos Positioning Systems

“Whether it’s our Arrow Lite, Arrow 100® or Arrow 200 receiver, they all work smoothly with Collector for submeter, subfoot, decimeter, and centimeter accuracy on iPhone and iPad,” Eos CTO Jean-Yves Lauture said.

Working with the Arrow Series®, Collector, and Eos Tools Pro

As a companion software to Collector, Eos offers a free iOS app called Eos Tools Pro. Eos Tools Pro allows users to connect to an RTK network and then set alarms for baseline requirements in GNSS metadata, such as estimated accuracy, HDOP, correction age, and others. If the user’s threshold is exceeded (for instance, the estimated accuracy exceeds 10 cm), Eos Tools Pro will sound an alarm to the user through the iOS device.

“The tight integration between Collector and Arrow Series® receivers really enhances the high-accuracy user experience,” Shaner said. “During our recent beta program, customers like Le-Ax Water District have shared their success using Collector and the Arrow receivers.”

Download a PDF of an article about Collector 10.4 in ENGLISH.

About ArcGIS Collector 10.4 for iOS

ArcGIS Collector 10.4 is the newest release of Esri’s popular GIS data collection app. Collector runs on iOS and Android, and is most popular on iPhone and iPads. The app records data directly, in real-time, via Esri’s server-based GIS software, including ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server. Thanks to its support of the Arrow Series® receivers, Collector can collect accuracy down to the submeter, decimeter, and centimeter. No post-processing or other specialty software is required. Collector 10.4 can be configured to transform between horizontal datums on-the-fly, so a user can use use the app to collect location no matter which data his or her geodatabase is in. Esri provides scripts for transforming between vertical datums when back in the office.

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