Eos Arrow Submeter Arrow Antenna Mounting Plate (Small) - ANT-SAMP - GIS GNSS GPS

Submeter Antenna Mounting Plate (ANT-SAMP)

Small GNSS Antenna Mount for ANT-L1GNSS Antenna

Eos Arrow Submeter Antenna Mounting Plate (Small) - ANT-SAMP, GPS GIS GNSS

Mount Your Submeter Arrow GNSS Receiver Antenna to Any Backpack or Vest Rangepole

The Eos submeter antenna mounting plate is an optional add-on. Use this accessory when you would like to mount your submeter Arrow GNSS antenna to any backpack or vest rangepole.

Comes standard with: None

Can be purchased optionally with: Arrow Lite®, Arrow 100®, Arrow 100+

Submeter Antenna Mounting Plate: Additional Images

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