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Summer Roberts

When I first started in GIS with my father we used bulky GPS backpacks that gave 10+ foot accuracy. Now with the Arrow Gold®, we receive accuracy down to the centimeter. This is crucial not only for mapping but also for when navigating to important locations during a crisis (such as a fire) , and […]

Larry White

I had absolutely no prior experience or training with GIS, so I was surprised how easy it eventually wound up being to adopt mapping software with the Arrow GNSS location accuracy.

Michael Gabel

After the tests, we decided that the Arrow 100® was the right receiver for us. It provides a very precise, stable position even in poor conditions, and with satellite based correction data (like EGNOS), we do not have to worry about having cell reception anymore to receive our differential corrections.

Jim Casey

My favorite feature of the Arrow GNSS receivers is the fact that it works so easily — it is both fast and accurate. Connecting the Arrow Gold® to my iPad® via Bluetooth® and using ArcGIS Collector is such a simple setup. Training a new user to use an Arrow Gold® couldn’t be much easier.

Jim Casey

For me, the Eos Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver has been a technology that glues together everything I do (with drones, 3D tools, augmented reality, etc.) — with accuracy. The Arrow Gold® provides me with RTK accuracy, allowing me to be sure the data quality I collect is highly reliable, so I can focus on other [...]

Christer Andersson

The Arrow 100® is a small GPS unit with a small antenna, it was easy to move in the field, and it got me the results I needed. I chose it because of the advanced technical data it provides and its price

Patrick Burke

We purchased our units from 4D Global, and the support from Peter Terrett has be amazing. His knowledge of the product, its capabilities, and his capacity to supply additional units/ items at short notice is outstanding. We have been really impressed with the Arrow 100® units.

Brian Tucker

The key is that the receiver itself and the data collected are very practical and straightforward to work with. This has really helped me focus on the very complex ecological challenges we are facing, as opposed to what tools we should be using in support. Thank you!

Mathew Desbiens

The Eos technical support we required for interfacing with Collector was outstanding.

Mathew Desbiens

Two of the other receivers we tested could not withstand the harsh Alberta climate. Now we’ve got 22 Arrow Gold® receivers out there, and they’ve been working flawlessly.