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July 2017 Newsletter: Esri User Conference

We’re back from our best Esri User Conference (UC) ever! Eos Positioning Systems is locked in-step with Esri’s mobile GIS workflows and it shows. We estimate we had over 250 high-accuracy ArcGIS Collector users visit our booth who’ve deployed Arrow receivers since the high-accuracy feature was added to Collector about a year ago. We had some fun conversations with users about the Arrow RTK GNSS receivers with Collector showing an estimated accuracy of 0 inches! In other words, the Arrow RTK accuracy is so good that it displays as 0” in Collector for iOS or Android. So, if you see 0” displayed in Collector, rest assured the accuracy you’re achieving is very, very good.

Al’s Corner – Technical Tips

Hi… My name is Alvaro and I am the Technical Support Manager at Eos Positioning Systems. I am inviting you to visit our Learning Center on our web site for useful technical information, how-to’s and video tutorials. This section will be updated regularly with new material. Any question? please do not hesitate to contact our technical support center.

– Here is an interesting one-hour recorded Esri webinar on How to get started with ArcGIS Collector. Get tips on how to create web maps, download the popular Collector app, viewing results, and more.

– New Galileo firmware for Arrow 100, Arrow 200 and Arrow Gold are now available. I am inviting you to update your Arrow GNSS receiver’s firmware to take advantage of the new features. Please fill out the support contact form specifying your Arrow model(s) with at least one serial number for each model to receive the proper firmware update instructions and files.

– In May we released new versions of Eos Tools Pro for iOS (1.64.8) and Android (1.46.25), available on the App Store and Google Play respectively. These versions are needed for compatibility with the above firmware release and we encourage you to update your apps to the latest releases.

– The iOS version of Eos Tools Pro will also perform a Bluetooth communication Firmware update to take advantage of these new features. This firmware update is different from the above-mentioned receiver firmware update.

Tutorial Video

Eos Tools Pro for Android – Overview


Enabling Mock Location on Android for Eos Tools Pro

This “how-to” document shows how to setup Mock Location on your Android device for Eos Tools Pro.

Eos Latest News from the Eos July 2017 Issue

  • Australasia SBAS Test-bed has now been broadcasting test corrections on PRN 122.
  • Esri Webinar. In case you missed Esri’s May 24th EGUG Webinar here is a link to it. “After recently completing an 8,000 point inventory, Kurt Towler of Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) shares some insights on how they successfully planned and executed High Accuracy GPS Data Collection using ArcGIS Collector and Eos Arrow Gold receivers”.
  • Two of the last four launched Galileo satellites (November 17, 2016) were set active on May 29: these are PRN 05 & PRN 07. PRN 03 and PRN 04 are still under commissioning. See the Notice Advisory to Galileo Users (NAGU) 2017017 and 2017018. This currently brings the Galileo constellation to 13 usable satellites with 2 more to come, eventually very soon.
  • GPSWorld. Interesting article from the “Survey Scene Newsletter” (interesting to both survey and GIS users): Surveyors’ coordinate systems for 2022 and beyond

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