Eos Arrow April 2018 Newsletter- Eos Tools Pro for Android GPS GNSS GIS

April 2018 Newsletter: Eos Tools Pro for Android

Remote High-Accuracy Data: What Do Rural America, Sub-Saharan Africa & Chile’s Atacama Desert Have in Common?

Remote Area High-Accuracy Data - Atacama Desert WikiCommons
By ESO/S. Guisard (http://www.eso.org/public/images/potw1211a/) [CC BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Learn how Atlas® Service can help you access real-time, high-accuracy data corrections in the most remote parts of the world.

Internet connectivity in remote regions is spotty. So what if you require centimeter accuracy? Your choices are limited, but you do have options.

One choice is to setup your own base station. Another is to use satellite corrections (sometimes referred to as L-Band corrections). The Arrow Series® satellite correction service, named Atlas®, is broadcast from geostationary satellites.

Learn what’s required for each option in this feature article from the 2018 April Eos newsletter issue.

  • [HISTORY] How Gladys West Uncovered the “Hidden Figures” of GPS: Gladys West’s work helped develop the Global Positioning System we know as GPS. Who is Gladys? Learn about this historic woman.
  • [GALILEO] Status Check: There are currently 14 operational Galileo satellites. The four satellites launched in late 2017 are still “Under Commissioning.” See which Galileo satellites are operational.
  • [LAUNCHED] Two More BeiDou-3 Satellites Launched: China launched two more Beidou-3 satellites on March 30. Coverage is scheduled to be global by 2020. Learn about BeiDou’s planned phases.
  • [WAAS] Satellite Status: Note that PRN 133 has been decommissioned and replaced with PRN 131. The WAAS constellation now consists of PRN 131, 135 and 138. All three satellites offer ranging capability. One of your Arrow Series receiver’s unique feature is to use these as “extra” GPS satellites in the position computation, rather than just for receiving differential corrections. This greatly boosts productivity in tough environments such as dense forest canopy. See the WAAS satellite map.
  • [ANDROID USERS] Samsung Released a New Rugged Tablet: The new Galaxy Tab Active2 offers an 8″ screen, 16GB, and Wi-Fi support at an affordable price. View Galaxy Tab Active2 features.
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  • [Update] iOS® Firmware Update Explained: This month, I would like to clarify and remove some confusion about the firmware update for Eos Tools Pro for iOS. There are two types of firmware on Arrow Series receivers: The Bluetooth communication firmware and the Arrow Series receiver engine firmware. Read more here.
  • [Alert] Bug on Eos Tools Pro for iOS: There is currently a bug on Eos Tools Pro for iOS when connected to an Arrow 200 that has a serial number starting with “189xxxxx.” The GPS Engine Update notification appears even if the latest Galileo firmware is installed on your Arrow 200 (firmware 5.6Aa03 and above). This issue will be resolved in the upcoming version of Eos Tools Pro. After making sure that the latest version is indeed installed on your Arrow (do this in the “About” menu of Eos Tools Pro), you may simply activate the “Do not display this message again” tab until the next release is available.

Featured How-To Guide:

Arrow Quick-Start Guide

Become familiar with your Arrow Series® receiver. This Arrow quick-start guide covers everything from unpacking your Arrow and setting up connectivity to installing software.

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Eos Tools Pro for Android: An Overview

Eos Tools Pro is the free Android app that helps you monitor high-accuracy location in the field. Designed by Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.® (Eos), Eos Tools Pro lets you see your DOP, RMS values, PDOP, Differential Status, Satellites Tracked and Used, and more — in real time.