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October 2019 Newsletter: Mapping Buried Assets

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Introducing: Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS® — Map Underground Assets

Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS® is the world’s first real-time, high-accuracy, underground-mapping solution for utilities using ArcGIS. With Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS®, a field worker can map buried infrastructure (e.g., electric, gas, water, telecom, and more) with submeter or centimeter accuracy — in the push of a button.HERE IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET STARTED!

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Eos Releases Underground Infrastructure Mapping Solution for ArcGIS

Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS® enables utilities to map buried assets with submeter or centimeter accuracy. See how one crew is already using it.
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Arrow Gold for Field Staking: TCEC Improves Customer Service with Real-Time ArcGIS Access via Futura GIS; Eos Positioning Systems case study - TRI COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE TCEC in TEXAS uses Eos Arrow Gold and Arrow 200 for field staking of electric construction sites with Futura Systems' FieldPro staking app on iOS; shown here is part of the TCEC team performing field staking

Migrating to Better Customer Service with Futura GIS

TCEC is saving tens of thousands of dollars each month from improvements to field staking, outage management and underground locate workflows.
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Great Lakes RCAP Uses Eos Arrow GNSS for Nonprofit work

Getting Better Accuracy in Appalachia

In October 2018, Ohio began requiring public water utilities to maintain a detailed asset management system. One nonprofit is simplifying compliance for rural utilities using Arrow and Collector.
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DDSI Increases Profit Margins with Eos Laser Mapping on Collector

DDSI needed a faster way to capture utility locates with subfoot accuracy — especially in places with obstructed GPS. See how laser GIS is making a difference.
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Oldham County Water District data collection Arrow Gold GNSS receiver Esri ArcGIS

Register for Esri’s Webinar: Supporting Daily Workflows with GIS + GPS

Learn how Esri GIS and Eos GPS support field crews with data collection, creating as-built maps, and more! Join Oldham County Water District presents their work.
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Next-generation EGNOS satellite orbited for GSA

From Tracy Cozzens at GPS World: The EGNOS payload will hone the accuracy of satellite navigation signals over Europe.
Read more about EGNOS …

China’s BeiDou-3 System Might Be Completed Early

From Dave Makichuk: China might complete the global network of its BeiDou Navigation Satellite System by the end of June, the China Daily reported.
What to expect with BeiDou-3 …

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ArcGIS QuickCapture video

ArcGIS QuickCapture Supports Eos Arrow

Arrow GNSS receivers provide ArcGIS QuickCapture users with submeter/centimeter locations at high rate.
See how organizations like Velo Quebec use Arrow and QuickCapture >>>

Current GNSS Constellation Status:

GNSS constellation status October 2019 GPS Galileo BeiDou GLONASS
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Eos Newsletter July 2018: How to

VIDEO: How to Configure ArcGIS Collector on iOS® with Arrow

This video walks you through each how to configure ArcGIS Collector on iPad® and iPhone® with your Arrow GNSS receiver and Eos Tools Pro for iOS.
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Eos Server manual

PDF: Eos Server QuickStart Guide

Eos Server helps you set up your Arrow as a base station. Here’s the manual you need to get started.
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