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March 2021 Newsletter: Vermont Gas Systems Is Twice as Fast

/// Vermont Gas Systems Doubles Efficiency with Arrow Golds and iPad®s

Eos March 2021 Newsletter Feature Image Vermont Gas

“We would spend eight or nine months installing services and mains with only a vague idea of what happened and when. Then we’d spend the winter figuring out what we did and making record of it.” — James Cunningham, GIS Administrator

After replacing paper workflows and institutional knowledge with modern mapping hardware and software, Vermont Gas Systems doubled their mobile efficiency.

Read what Vermont Gas Systems changed!

You no longer need X-ray vision to “see” underground assets. Tomorrow, you’re invited to learn how Oakland County, Michigan, mapped their buried utilities with centimeter accuracy — in real time— directly into their web GIS. Speakers from Eos, Esri, OHM Advisors, and Oakland County will be available for Q&A after the presentation.

Register today for “Bring Your Buried Assets to Life”

Womens history month GIS GNSS GPS GNSS GIS

Eos celebrates women in tech!
Eos social media post

ICYMI: March 8 was International Women’s Day. Eos is proud to celebrate women whose work changes the world. Browse some of our favorite customer submissions, and follow Eos on Twitter for more dispatches from the field.

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Field Worker user type – more opportunities to use location tracking
ArcGIS Blog by Esri’s Jeff Shaner 

With the April 2021 update to ArcGIS Online, Esri announced that ArcGIS users assigned a Field Worker user type will no longer require an ArcGIS Tracker premium add-on license! Now Arrow GNSS users will be able to take advantage of high-accuracy tracking in ArcGIS Field Maps for no added cost.

Read about the change on the ArcGIS Blog!

/// Technical tips and GNSS updates from our Tech Support Manager, Alvaro Paez:

New Eos Locate™ (underground mapping) manuals available: Dear Eos customers: As of March 2021, there are two new/updated user manuals available to help you get started with underground mapping using the Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS® Apps solution:

Have a different model? Contact Eos tech support to learn if we support it

Eos customer spotlight GNSS GIS Zac Petix Palmetto Engineering

Zac Petix, the Sherlock Holmes of High-Accuracy GIS

Whether he is working in a historic heatwave or sourcing the next best mobile solution, Zac Petix is always ready to solve a challenge. Learn what makes Zac the Sherlock Holmes of high-accuracy GIS.

Get to know Zac!

Oakland County Michigan webinar with Eos Locate for ArcGIS FIeld Maps, Esri Electric, OHM Advisors, March 2021

[Webinar] Bring Your Buried Assets to Life
Date: Wed, March 31 from 10-11am PDT

Join Esri and Eos for a presentation on underground utility mapping using Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS® Field Maps. You’ll hear how Oakland County and OHM Advisors used this solution to map mixed utilities in Michigan. Panelists from all organizations will be available live to answer questions.

Register today for the webinar!

Eos Locate-workshop-newsletter-feature ArcGIS underground utility mapping GPS 2021

[Workshop] Underground Utility Mapping with Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS® Field Maps (with live outdoor demonstration)
Date: Thurs, April 29 from 9:30am-12pm PDT

Join Eos and Esri for a free training workshop in underground utility mapping. Our team will teach you every step, from getting your web map ready in ArcGIS Pro to locating and mapping a buried utility live. Panelists will stay for Q&A.

Register today for the workshop!

[Event] TNGIC Spring Conference
Date: Tuesday, April 20

Eos is a proud sponsor of the Tennessee Geographic Information Council’s annual conference. Visit our sponsor listing page and connect with our local representative during the event. TNGIC members can find registration information by logging in online.

Register today for the virtual event!