Eos Interview with SIGMAG: Eos Makes High Accuracy Location Accessible to GIS and Mapping Professionals

2019 Esri France: SIGMAG Interview


Expanding GNSS markets and an opportunity to help developing countries contributed to why Eos sponsored the 2019 Esri GIS for a Sustainable World Conference. In this video, Jean-Yves Lauture explains how Eos is helping developing countries take advantage of cost-effective, intuitive GNSS solutions, including for such things as expanding access to clean drinking water.

This interview and editing was conducted by our good friends at SIGMAG SIGTV, originally published here in French.

Transcript for “Eos Interview with SIGMAG at the 2019 Esri GIS for a Sustainable World Conference”


Eos was founded in 2014 by a team that pioneered Bluetooth® GPS back in 2001.  Eos’s mission has been to demystify high accuracy GNSS and bring the one-centimeter accuracy into survey-grade type of receiver — typically reserved for surveyors – to the GIS community. This will enable people who have never used GPS in their life to be able to map their infrastructure and assets with high level of accuracy. For example, using [Esri’s] Collector [for ArcGIS], we may want to tweak from Esri or from the ArcGIS mobile application.

About Eos’ 2019 Esri Partner Conference Award

Eos is a Silver Partner with Esri Canada. This gives us access to Esri as a Silver Partner worldwide. This year we were honored with an EPC award [also known as an Esri Partner Conference award]. The award title was “energizing the market with a bundle.” What we do is we take the Esri technology to people who formerly might have believed that the Esri solution was not affordable, or that it was too expensive and we show them the contrary.

Moreover, we are excited because, with the new user types that Esri has released at the 2019 EPC (field worker, editor or professional user types, for instance), we can bundle ArcGIS Online with our Eos Arrow GNSS receivers. And now we can show new customers that it’s easier, and more affordable, than ever to start building a system of record inside Esri, starting with field data collection. With some guidance from consultants in our dealer network, they can get it up and running and map their assets in no time. After this process, they’ll realize that everybody can do it.

Why Eos Sponsored the 2019 Esri GIS for a Sustainable World Conference

This is the first time that Eos is participating in the “Esri GIS for Sustainable World Conference.” We’ve had a lot of inquiries in the past from companies and organizations that want to help third world countries. We’ve had projects in Haiti, for instance. In fact, we’re helping one nonprofit organization bring water to people who usually had to walk, in some cases, multiple kilometers to fetch water for daily use.

Another reason we are here this year is because we also want to get involved in solving Ecological problems. A good example is in mining, where people are losing their lives to accidents. The humanitarian approach to solve this problem is by having a ‘precise location detection’. This is something which we would like to get involved in. It has become very handy and is sometimes compulsory before miners proceed with excavation to have this kind of precision location.

Looking ahead

The strength of Eos since its creation has been innovation. We’re also always listening to our customers. We listen to their needs and sometimes even anticipate them. We provide tools that are useful to them during their daily work. These are is what makeup Eos’ strength.  We’ve also developed a lot of applications with Esri and we’re still working on better solutions together. Eos has new solutions that will soon be rolled both in terms of software and hardware.

So, we’re hoping to bring something new and innovative to the market very shortly.