Esri ArcGIS FieldMaps Workshop with Eos Arrow GPS GIS GNSS
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Free Eos Arrow GNSS with Esri ArcGIS Field Maps: Request the Recording

Eos Positioning Systems is pleased to offer a free training workshop for Eos Arrow GNSS with Esri ArcGIS Field Maps. The following workshop was recorded live in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. To request a copy of the recording, please use your work email address.

Eos Arrow GNSS with Esri ArcGIS Field Maps(February 2021 Workshop with Esri)

Join Eos Positioning Systems with special guests from Esri and Colliers Engineering & Design (formerly Maser Consulting) and hundreds of attendees for a high-accuracy mobile data collection workshop. In this educational virtual training event, you will:

  • Learn about the new Esri ArcGIS Field Maps app from an Esri Product Lead
  • Receive hands-on web map configuration training from a mobile GIS expert
  • Be trained in an overview of GPS/GNSS for Esri GIS users
  • Participate in a live outdoor data-collection demonstration (i.e., Arrow Gold GNSS, RTK, Field Maps, iPad)
  • Hear a real-world user’s experience of Arrow GNSS and Field Maps

This workshop will cover the following hardware and software technologies:

In part one of the workshop, you will explore Esri’s new ArcGIS Field Maps app, receive a GPS/GNSS overview, and be trained on web map configuration for high-accuracy mobile work. In part two, you will watch a live outdoor demonstration of mobile data collection. This series of exercises is designed to instill a foundational understanding of high-accuracy data collection. A panel of experts is available at the end to take all questions.