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Arrow Series® User Manual (for SBAS): Download the PDF

Are you ready to get started with your Arrow Series® GNSS receiver? In this user manual, you will cover three chapters including:

1. Getting Acquainted with your Arrow GNSS receiver:

  • Packaging for the Arrow Lite®, Arrow 100®, Arrow 200®
  • Optional/replacement accessories
  • Arrow receiver features, description, overview, battery care

2. Setting Up Connectivity

  • Bluetooth® pairing to iOS®, Android, Windows
  • Installing Arrow USB Drivers (for Windows)
  • Available software utilities for various operating systems

3. Operating your Arrow GNSS receiver with SBAS

  • What to know about SBAS
  • Setting up for field work
  • Configuring the Arrow for SBAS
  • Collecting data in the field

Last updated 2015

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