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About Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc. (CMT)

Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc. (CMT) is the leading manufacturer of rugged, water-proof hand-held computers for field professionals in forestry, utility, fisheries, wildlife and environmental assessment. There are a variety of CMT apps for Eos, including iCMTGIS PRO, PC-Mapper, and Field CE Survey.


About the App: iCMTGISPRO

iCMTGIS Pro, made by CMT, is a stand-alone, field data collection program. The app was designed to turn your iPad or iPhone into a powerful and professional GPS/GIS data collector. iCMTGIS Pro allows you to record data and tag it with date, time, spatial coordinates, on-the-fly datum transformation, and any other relevant information. iCMTGIS Pro was one of the first apps on the market to fully support the Arrow Series protocol under iOS — giving you early access to GNSS data collection on iOS. Learn more about iCMTGIS Pro here.


Apple compatibility

About the App: PC-Mapper

PC-Mapper combines CMT’s proven GPS project management utilities with powerful mapping functions in one package. You can use PC-Mapper as a stand-alone resource-mapping program, or you could use it as part of a complete high-accuracy system with an Arrow Series™ receiver. Field GIS features include:

  • Office GPS & GIS
  • Built in CAD (Coordinate Geometry)
  • Contour/Volume (Real-time in the field, Volume on the fly)
  • Powerful Navigation and Stakeout
  • Heads-up digitizing over background maps

Learn more about PC-Mapper here.


Windows Compatibility

About the App: Field CE Survey

Field CE Survey, made by CTM, adds surveying features to your Field CE GIS application. The Windows Mobile application includes COGO and functions to support centimeter-level RTK receivers, including the Arrow GoldLearn more about Field CE Survey here.


Windows Compatibility

Customer Spotlight:

Håken Bergstedt, Forestry Consultant

“When a line is digitally created, it is simple to follow, even if invisible, when using an accurate positioning instrument like the Eos Arrow and the iCMTGIS PRO.” — Håkan Bergstedt, Partner, MittNorr Skog & Fastighet (Sweden)


How to Configure iCMTGIS PRO with Arrow

iCMTGIS PRO for soil & water application

Downloadable PDFs and Technical Resources


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For technical support, questions about how this app works with GNSS receivers, configuration, feedback, or more, please contact Eos support. Someone will respond to you within 24 hours during normal business days.

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