Eos Locate™ for Collector for ArcGIS

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Map buried assets with submeter or centimeter accuracy in ArcGIS Online

Eos Locate™ for Collector for ArcGIS is the world’s first real-time, high-accuracy, underground-mapping solution for utilities using Esri Collector. With Eos Locate™ for Collector, utilities can map their buried infrastructure (e.g., electric, gas, water, telecommunications infrastructure and more) with submeter or centimeter accuracy. All a field worker needs is an Eos Arrow GNSS receiver, Esri Collector, and a compatible locator device.

Eos Locate™ for Collector for ArcGIS

Key Features

Better Safety

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Ditch blind digging. Prevent liabilities to your constituents, employees, and third parties by keeping accurate records of underground pipes, cables, and wires in ArcGIS Online.

More Efficiencies

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Roll just one truck, but get the value of rolling two. Consolidate your underground locate trips with your GPS data collection. All your GNSS and locate data is sent to ArcGIS Online in the push of one button!

Prepare for 3D

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Pave the way for the future of work — by collecting what’s under the pavement. 3D asset management and augmented reality will require integrated depth of cover and precise elevations.

Core innovations of Eos Locate™ for Collector:

  • Map buried assets with submeter or centimeter accuracy.
  • Single-user setup allows for simultaneous locate and GPS-mapping workflows.
  • Exclusively compatible with Esri Collector, Arrow GNSS receivers, and leading utility locator devices.
  • Simple solution design takes advantage of the intuitive iOS platform.

Who is Eos Locate™ for Collector recommended for?

Electric utilities /


Gas utilities

Water utilities

Pipeline operators

Telecommunications companies




Parks & Zoos


Required Technology:

*Additional locators will be supported soon, check back or contact Eos for details.

Recommended Arrow Models

Eos Arrow Gold GNSS RTK receiver product image; for cm centimeter accuracy with proprietary SafeRTK feature
Eos Arrow 200 GNSS RTK receiver product image; for cm centimeter accuracy
Eos Arrow 100 GNSS subfoot receiver product image

iOS Software

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Eos Tools Pro
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Collector for ArcGIS

Compatible Locators (More Coming Soon!)

vLoc3 Pro

Four Ergonomic Configurations:



Belt / Shoulder Pouch


Screenshot Gallery

In Eos Tools Pro:

Esri Collector calls up the Locate page within Eos Tools Pro for automatic data calculations. Simply push the button on your locator and watch the two apps do all the work!

In Collector:

GNSS location metadata is combined with underground utility-locate data and sent automatically to Esri ArcGIS Online via Collector.


“Knowing where your infrastructure is, visible or buried, is a major step toward taking full advantage of the capabilities of ArcGIS Online. With Eos Locate™ for Collector, anyone managing underground assets can finally raise their confidence level in the accuracy and true location of their data.”

— Matt Piper, Global Director Industry Solutions: Utilities, Water, AEC & Infrastructure, Esri

“Seeing all that information from utility locators and GPS receivers packaged directly into a GIS application is exceptional!”

— Kelvin Cherrington, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Vivax-Metrotech

“Previously, we were seeing that our old water mains could be off by up to 20 feet. With the new Eos Locate™ for Collector, we’re seeing that it’s accurate to under an inch.”

— Todd Chapman, Senior GIS Analyst, Indiana American Water


Eos locate - locator-v8-landscape-v9 - sm
Release: Eos Releases Underground Infrastructure Mapping Solution for Collector for ArcGIS

Have a Question or Ready to Buy?

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Someone from our team will respond to you within 24 hours on normal business days. Eos business days are generally Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST.