3m Antenna cable Eos Arrow GPS GIS GNSS

3m Antenna Cable (CBLB0300RSMSM)

Vehicle Mount Antenna Cable (Right-Angle SMA Male / Straight SMA Male)

3m Antenna cable Eos Arrow GPS GIS GNSS

Mount Your GNSS Receiver to a Vehicle

This 3 meter antenna cable gives you enough slack to mount your GNSS antenna to a rooftop. This cable is a popular choice among customers wishing to mount their GNSS antenna to the top of a vehicle and connect it to your Arrow GNSS receiver inside the cab. It can be used for other innovative purposes as well when 3 meters is a helpful length. Since this is not a standard cable, you can discuss with our team about easily upgrading to it. It features male SMA connectors that connect to your Arrow on one end and to the antenna on the other.

Comes standard with: None
Can be purchased optionally with: Arrow Lite®, Arrow 100®, Arrow 100+™, Arrow 200®, Arrow Gold®, Arrow Gold+

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