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Webinar: High-Accuracy GPS 101: How to Design Your Mobile GIS Data Collection System

Are you ready to implement or improve your high-accuracy field data collection? Join Eos and Directions Magazine to learn how to identify the level of accuracy you need, what’s new with modern GNSS (GPS) receivers, and best practices for selecting your field hardware and software. Two current users of high-accuracy GNSS receivers in local government and utility industries will demonstrate what solutions they use, how, and what lessons they have learned about successfully deploying these solutions among teams with varying levels of technology experience.

William Rockwell City of Sarasota Large Circle

William Rockwell

GIS Coordinator, City of Sarasota

Zac Petix Palmetto Engineering

Zac Petix

Vice President of Geospatial Services, Palmetto Engineering & Consulting

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to pick the right hardware and software for your needs
  • The sources of real-time differential GNSS corrections
  • How to identify your accuracy requirements
  • Real-life lessons for GPS success from current GIS Managers

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