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Terraformation: Combatting Climate Change with Accurate Accountability

Terraformation Using Arrow and ArcGIS Field Maps to Collect Plant Locations for Native Forest Restoration

Learn how Terraformation is combatting climate change by using high-accuracy GNSS / GIS to increase accountability for global reforestation projects.

Customer Spotlight: Priyesh Patel, the “Bat Man” of GIS

Customer Spotlight Priyesh Patel Feature Image

Priyesh Patel uses Eos Arrow 100® GNSS receivers with Esri ArcGIS® apps to aid the preservation of one of Earth’s most precious animals: bats.

Heritage at Risk: Documenting and Excavating Cultural Sites in Coastal South Carolina — Before They Are Lost Forever

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Feature Image with Eos Arrow GNSS

Learn how the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources uses high-accuracy GNSS to excavate artifacts before they are lost to climate change.

Customer Spotlight: Nora Toro Brings Confidence to Clients

Customer Spotlight Nora Toro with Eos Arrow GNSS

Learn how Nora Toro uses Eos Arrow GNSS receivers to help coworkers find optimal high-accuracy data collection workflows and strengthen trust in their data.

Managing the Privatization of East Germany’s State-Owned Lands with ArcGIS Enterprise and High-Accuracy Mobile GIS

East Germany privatized land parcels with Arrow GNSS and Esri ArcGIS

Since Germany reunited in 1990, the BVVG has been dedicated to privatizing lands formerly owned by East Germany. See how their mapping technology has evolved over decades.

New Jersey City Ditches Paper Maps for High-Accuracy Data Collection in ArcGIS Apps

City of Rahway Feature Image, Colliers Engineering & Design uses Eos Arrow Gold GNSS and Eos Laser Mapping

The City of Rahway upgraded from a paper-based workflow to digital GNSS mobile mapping for the city’s sanitary sewer and stormwater systems.

Customer Spotlight: Summer Roberts Pairs Winemaking with GIS

Customer Spotlight - Summer Roberts Uses Eos Arrow GNSS to Map Vineyards with High Accuracy

Did you know GIS might be behind your glass of wine? Learn how Summer Roberts uses GNSS to map vineyard properties in California.

Locating Potential Bat Habitats in Abandoned Mines with GIS

Bat Conservation International Uses Arrow GNSS - Entering Cave with GIS Data Collection Setup (Photo Credit Bill Hatcher)

Bat Conservation International locates bat-friendly habitats with a combination of Esri ArcGIS Apps (e.g., Survey123) and Arrow GNSS receivers.

Customer Spotlight: Zack Henry Helps Customers Succeed with High-Accuracy GIS

Customer Spotlight Zack Henry Customer Spotlight Hero Image - Using Eos Arrow Gold GNSS for High-Accuracy GIS with Encepta

Zack Henry uses an Arrow Gold® with ArcGIS Field Maps for efficient data collection for utilities. When his clients succeed, Zack succeeds — and he brings that attitude to all his work.

Customer Spotlight: Amber Kuehn Uses High-Accuracy Maps to Protect Endangered Sea Turtle Nests

Amber Kuehn Customer Spotlight Hero Image Kissing Endangered Sea Turtle with GNSS GIS GPS map of nests in background

The moment Amber Kuehn first laid eyes on a sea turtle, she knew she would be spending her life advocating for them. Learn how she uses Arrow GNSS to protect this endangered species.