Eos Arrow September 2019 Newsletter- Haiti Uses Arrow Gold GPS GNSS GIS

September 2019 Newsletter: Haiti Uses Arrow Gold

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Haiti outreach mapping case study

VIDEO: Haiti Outreach Uses Spatial Technology and Community Engagement to Transform Water Access

This month in the Eos Newsletter September 2019:

Haiti Outreach is on a mission is to bring clean drinking water to 100% of Haitian communes. They’re using Arrow Gold GNSSmWaterEPANET, and community engagement to transform how water access is addressed. In this video, you’ll hear from Haiti Outreach Director Neil Van Dine and Eos Positioning Systems CTO Jean-Yves Lauture on the importance of combining spatial strategy with a human element.

Watch the inspiring 5-minute video >>>

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Haiti Outreach is tackling a major water problem thanks to mapping and modeling technology, including mWater, EPANET and Arrow Gold with Atlas

See how Haiti Outreach is drastically raising the success rate of potable water projects in Haiti.
Explore their mission …

Feature Image - Press Release - Velo Quebec ArcGIS QuickCapture Eos Positioning Systems

Esri ArcGIS QuickCapture Supports Eos Arrow GNSS

ArcGIS QuickCapture users can benefit from submeter/centimeter locations directly in the app. See how capturing data on the go can be easy and accurate.
Learn about the release …

Ports of Auckland

Eos and the Ports of Auckland

At the Port of Auckland in New Zealand, construction is occurring almost daily. See how port officials ensure smooth operations using ArcGIS Collector and Arrow.
Watch the 3-minute video …

Katapult map

How to Design Poles in KatapultPro with Arrow

Sometimes, imagery doesn’t cut it. Our friends at Katapult explain how Arrow Lite helps crews properly place poles in areas where traditional methods fail.
Catapult into this LinkedIn article …

“Datums, feet and GNSS vectors: The 2022 NGS upgrade”

Tim Burch of GPS World reports on the National Geodetic Survey datum change coming up in 2022.
Read the article with graphics …

“China adds two more satellites to BeiDou constellation”

China recently launched two more BeiDou III satellites. Tracy Cozzens of GPS World reports.
See how it went …

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Browse technical tips from Eos Technical Support Manager Alvaro

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How to Find Eos at TechAdvantage 2019 in Orlando, FL, from March 10-13

Laser Offset Guide for ArcGIS Collector

Our brand-new guide explains how to get started with laser offsets, from configuring Collector and Eos Tools Pro to using the 3 Laser Offset workflows.
Get the guide >>>

Bulletin: New Eos Tools Pro v1.49.49 released for Android

Added connection to external Bluetooth radios in Differential menu.

Along side the NTrip and DIP connections in the Differential menu, users can now connect to external UHF or spread spectrum Bluetooth radios and receive RTK corrections for their Arrow receivers. This feature eliminates the requirement for cable connections between the Arrow rover (with serial port option) and the radio. (For older generation radios without Bluetooth capability, a serial Bluetooth dongle can be attached to the radio’s serial port.)
Available now on Google Play Store.

Bulletin: New Eos Tools Pro v1.78 (Build 252) released for iOS®

Added Z-value in point geometry in Laser Offset Mapping for Esri’s ArcGIS Collector (v.19.1.0 and above)

This new version of Eos Tools Pro supports the z-Value in the Laser Offset solution for Collector. Users can now save orthometric heights with their laser offset mapping points.  

Current GNSS Constellation Status:

GNSS constellation status September 2019 GPS Galileo BeiDou GLONASS
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Orthometric heights in Collector Aurora Esri ArcGIS

VIDEO: Record Orthometric Heights in Esri Collector

In this 4-minute tutorial, you’ll learn how to collect orthometric height in Esri Collector v18.1.0 with Arrow GNSS receivers.
Watch now (4 minutes) …

Laser Offset for Esri ArcGIS, LTI Laser Tech, Eos Positioning Systems, GPS, GNSS, high accuracy laser GIS ArcGIS Eos Laser Mapping for ArcGIS Field Maps
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