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ArcGIS Field Maps: A List of Our Favorite Resources (So Far)

In case you missed it, Esri released the long awaited ArcGIS Field Maps application this past month. Here is a list of our favorite resources, including timeline of announcements, app links, helpful migration guides from Esri, information on your Arrow GNSS compatibility, and more!

ArcGIS Field Maps - Android

The new Esri ArcGIS Field Maps application works with Arrow GNSS for high-accuracy

To learn more about what Field Maps is, which applications it combines, and how it will impact your work with Eos Arrow Series receivers, please click here to read our initial post about the Field Maps beta.

Timeline of announcements from Esri

In addition to the new video above, “Get to Know Field Maps,” Esri has released a variety of helpful announcements and resources this year for current ArcGIS apps users who are familiarizing themselves with Field Maps. Here are the most helpful resources we have found to date, with the dates they were published and key information highlights:

  • November, 2020 “ArcGIS Field Maps Migration Guide,” contains:
    • Lays out your account requirements, including which features can be expected with helpful comparison charts
    • Detailed migration workflows from Collector, Explorer, and Tracker to Field Maps, each with its own dedicated chapter
  • November 02, 2020 “Migrate to ArcGIS Field Maps,” contains:
  • November 02, 2020 “Get to Know ArcGIS Field Maps,” contains:
    • Updated details about collecting data, viewing maps, performing markups, tracking mobile workers, and working offline with new Field Maps screenshots
  • June 18, 2020, “Introducing ArcGIS Field Maps,” contains:
    • First official announcement from Esri regarding Field Maps
    • Answers to commonly asked questions about the new mobile app
    • Sets out which apps Field Maps combines, and which features will be added in which order
    • Introduces the web application side of Field Maps with new screenshots
    • Provides insight into estimated sunset dates for apps such as Collector (though this is a moving target)
    • Link to download the beta (no longer required since the app has since been released)

Advanced GNSS data capture within the new Field Maps app

Esri ArcGIS Field Maps supports two Eos solutions: Eos Locate for underground utility mapping and Eos Laser Mapping for laser gis

In addition to supporting basic high-accuracy data capture, Field Maps also supports advanced workflows, such as:

  1. Eos Laser Mapping™ for laser offsetes
  2. Eos Locate™ for underground utility mapping

For users currently using the above solutions, your workflows will feel very similar, if not the same, when using Field Maps as compared to ArcGIS Collector with your Arrow GNSS receiver.

For more information

Eos will periodically update this article to include new announcements pertaining to Field Maps.

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