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Eos Python Script: Download GNSS Metadata Fields

This Eos Python script is a simple download designed to help you add desired GNSS metadata fields to your ArcGIS Pro maps. It is recommended to download the Eos Python script if you are using the following Eos solutions:

  • Survey-grade orthometric heights
  • Eos Laser Mapping™ for ArcGIS

Download the Eos Python script for ArcGIS below.

Last updated October 2019

Download the Eos Python Script for Laser and Orthometric Metadata Fields

The following PDF explains which GNSS metadata fields are included within this Python script download. It also explains what each metadata field captures / means, and it provides a helpful breakdown of which workflows (e.g., laser mapping methods, orthometric heights) are recommended to include each individual metadata field.

Read (PDF): “Metadata Fields for Laser Offsets and Orthometric Heights”

If you are using the Eos Python script for laser mapping or real-time orthometric heights, you may find this tutorial article helpful:

Read: “Eos Laser Mapping™: Configure ArcGIS Collector, Eos Tools Pro”

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